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  1. I do exactly the same thing - thought the issue was just me but is happening upon every start up for me. Has only occurred after the recent W10 update
  2. Football Manager Wiki

    My fault! My debit card for hosting expired end of January and I hadn't updated with a new card. Done it now so should be back up ASAP - normally the Billing team start about 8am so should be done by 10am! Edit: 4 mins later - site back up
  3. Similar to FML, players could be centrally held in a remote database where editors do not have any effect.
  4. Football Manager Wiki

    Ssestig, drop me an email Who else is about still?
  5. Football Manager Wiki

    Still going strong
  6. Football Manager Wiki

    Good work Btw, I've posted something for admin on the wiki forum if you could look at that and get back to me
  7. The lad does have some degree of a point though. Maybe PA should be more comparative to the quality of players in the database as opposed to a fixed figure? I.e. If a number of players with around 190 PA retire, then some players in the 180-189 PA arena could rise slightly in PA, and then in turn this will continue down the PA of each player etc. That said, I can't see my suggestion above having much effect on what we already deal with but for me it demonstrates to an extent how PA is comparative to the players actually out there
  8. Football Manager Wiki

    Just wanted to say well done to all those who have contributed to the Wiki this year, and hopefully we'll see the continuation of that Happy New Year to you all, hope you all have a good one. Hope you all had a good Christmas too
  9. Superb Congratulations to you both!
  10. You bought me anything, Cleon?
  11. Merry Christmas to you too Cleon
  12. Football Manager Wiki

    Blame copy and paste... I didn't write ALL of that - but you must have realised that much I've managed to sneak in the brilliant Q+A sessions in to the post
  13. Football Manager Wiki

    I've posted a thread in the FML Forums in the hope that we may get some new additional FML editors to assist with that particular game http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?p=3821188#post3821188
  14. Football Manager Wiki

    And I need to think up a really lame excuse too...