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  1. When I launch the game either through desktop shortcut or through steam app nothing happens but when I try again says app already running. I have also switched off my AVG and start steam in offline mode but still nothing. Also does this with the last four editions of FM I have. Also tried deleting preferences and cache still nothing. Weird thing is though sometimes get lucky someday s and it will play but if you switch off it will not launch again. All other games steam work no problem. This is such a great game I'm missing.
  2. I use the 2d match view for playing fm but in fm2015 the ad boards don't show?
  3. FM15 Sidebar

    I prefer fm 2014 interface so sticking to that I think.
  4. Thanks, how would you setup because u19's have no league. would you moved the players from the u19? and players on youths contracts into the academy team?
  5. Any chance you could upload database?
  6. FM14: What Team should I be?

    How do suggest playing as in Brazil? country not played in before.
  7. you play 30 games fixtures in december you play a game on December 23rd then next game is not till January 18th. So might need some friendlies not sure but only played 10 league games.
  8. Had to start a new save after laptop had the blue screen of death. But I'm using El Ricardo's Scottish Alternative setup 16-16-16 and u20 leagues. Going well so far 10 wins from 10, only thing I have found with this setup Lee Wallace and Lewis McLeod both want to play at a higher level. Told them both I aim to win the league this season so next season be back in the premiership but they both said they still want to leave
  9. Need some help what tactics etc. do people play against top clubs and away in Champions League? always struggle against top 4 sides.
  10. Just started a save with Celtic what tactic do suggest for UCL games? mainly away games
  11. Ryknow what is the tv revenue like in SPL? doe's it increase or doe's it go by league rep.
  12. I started the current save with Rangers still playing in Scottish football league one.
  13. In January first season 22 points clear, had a consortium takeover in December led by Antonio Oliveira pumped 24 million into the club then without request upgraded training and youth facilities for 19.5 million also given me extra 5 million for transfers. Probably not needed. Terminated Moshni contract just wasn't getting picked also may terminate Cabari's. Ryknow what is your tactic for tough away games setup and team instructions? for when in premiership and UCL. I've taken your advise in approaching players bosmans some great quality Coming in at end of season Jake Cassidy-st (free) Kelvin Mellor-rb (free) Brice Irie-Bi -dm (free) Conor Newton-am (free) Mateusz Taudul-gk (free)
  14. In my save which uses edited database which puts Rangers in English league 2 and Celtic in English championship Only 9 games in sitting in 1st place 7 wins and 2 draws. Really enjoying save so far hopefully don't get all english newgens