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  1. New manager revealed. Tom Bloemberg has taken over the vacant manager position. Sporting Gijon was ranked 11th at that time. As it was already september, he had no options in transfers, so he had to do his job with the players already available. He choose for a 4-3-3 or as some might refer to it as a 4-5-1. This is his current first eleven. "Looking at my squad, I realised we lacked some defensive skills, but hopefully we would outscore the opponent." Source De Telegraaf The first games started out well, with 3 home games in a row. League results : [H] vs Vallodalid 6-0 [H] vs Mallorca 4-1 [H] vs Barcelona 3-0 [A] vs Hercules 2-2 [A] vs Betis 4-3 [H] vs Almeria 0-6 As we can see he started out very well, but ended badly. "My defense was shaking good at the end of this series, they walked through our defense like we were not there, losing 2-0 after three minutes already. This was an emberessement and I should have seen it coming." Source De Telegraaf In between these games he had a double confrontation against Las Palmas in the Spanish Cup. Both those games were won with 3-1 and 3-2. After being asked by De Telegraaf if he would look for reinforcement in the winter transfer period, he replied as following. "We could really use some reinforcements in the back line. We lack depth and class. I will be looking for a new Defensive midfielder and central defender first. If I got some money left I might look for some more, but that is all speculation" As we can see the new manager at Sporting made a good start, but had a small bump in his way to getting European football to Gijon.
  2. DMZ forwarding to your PC through a router opens up all ports to the PC that you give as where to forward to. If you want to just forward FM ports, just do that, because opening them all up makes you more furnerable to other things as well.
  3. Editing Home match day

    Sorry to bring this topic up again, I'm still wandering if it's possible to fix it in some way.
  4. I have been searching for a while to get my question answered, but couldn't find anything, so I will fire away in a new thread. I was busy doing my tactics and I wanted both of my strikers to get the ball played into feet. So I ticked Target Man on in Team Instructions and selected Target Man Supply "played into feet" Then I dragged my 2 strikers I used into the Target Man selection. Does this have any effect or will they only play the first Target Man into feet? It seems to work in my games, but as I'm not entirely sure I ask my question here.
  5. Editing Home match day

    Anybody else got an idea on this?
  6. Editing Home match day

    that isn't ticked on ofcourse. I never do that.
  7. Is it possible to change the home match day of teams? My friend and I play the Dutch Eredivisie together and we find it annoying that certain teams play on fridays, some on saturday and some on sunday. This makes the game take a lot longer before finishing a season. I couldn't find it in the FM2009 editor, but maybe I'm just blind or something and just need some help in the right direction. I hope you guys can help me out!