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  1. It's a little out of date now though. I know, for example, that Model Citizen and Perfectionist have had the requirements dropped from 18 to 16. Possible others have been tweaked too.
  2. It hasn't happened to me but I know that the squad numbers can be reassigned (I think they might be locked for the season in other leagues?). So before the game I assume it would allow you to assign him a number already used by someone else.
  3. Open the agent's profile, find a client without a club, offer him a contract with a huge Agent Fee. Now the agent will like you just enough to negotiate a contract for the previous player. Now you can cancel the contract for the free agent.
  4. Did you release a bunch of players, by chance? I know with some salary caps, released players' wages still count towards it.
  5. Unless you've got a save from before the patch where you know for certain a team accepted an offer that they now won't accept, it would be difficult to prove an issue. Out of curiosity, are you using a currency other than GBP?
  6. I doubt it's a bug, but it's odd that they didn't mention it. All the relevant attribute requirements have been lowered to 16 from 18. I've only noticed Perfectionist and Model Citizen but it's quite possible others have been changed too.
  7. It seems that 18.2 has seen a change in the criteria for calculating a player's Personality. Before the patch, my game had 2 Model Citizens, it now has 9. There were about 6 Perfectionists, now there are 19. Interestingly, one Model Citizen has a Determination of 17, which anyone interested in personalities will know was previously impossible. If you want to see what has changed re. Model Citizens: I wonder if any other personalities have had their criteria changed too? I really like this, it takes a little more of the guesswork out of figuring out a player's hidden at
  8. The notes don't mention anything regarding hidden attributes or personalities redefined, but something has definitely changed. I'm hooked on tutoring and have been frustrated by how difficult it is to maintain Model Citizens and Perfectionists because of random drops. Now, a few in-game weeks after the patch, the number of Model Citizens in my game has increased from 2 to 9! Six of those new Model Citizens are my players or very recent departures who had been tutored very very close to MC or had achieved MC and then declined in Personality afterwards. Now they're magically MCs...
  9. I disagree. My post explaining why was removed, which is a bit annoying because I don't think it contained anything "inappropriate" at all. So I guess that's the end of the discussion, unfortunately.
  10. Is there any precedent for an increase in shirt sales? That seems terribly misguided to me.
  11. And if the Italian manager in FM played a 16 year old GK ahead of Gianluigi Buffon, everyone would think that's absurdly unrealistic too...
  12. I got this for the first time ever a few seasons ago too (at RB Leipzig)! Stoked as this was always going to be a long-term save anyway. They're now ~20 with the best 3 being key players, two of those already capped for Germany. Three more are so-so, they've got a few games and will perhaps be decent squad players (the "Nicky Butts").
  13. That $6k amount is all you pay (per week or month or whatever is listed). The player receives that in addition to the ordinary wage that his new club pays him. It's typically used when a player on high wages needs to be offloaded, and the only way to shift him (ie. the only way the new club could afford him, or the only way he'll agree to go) is if you continue to supplement his wage. The only thing I'm unclear on is how long you pay it for. I've read that it's only as long as his current contract with you would have continued for, but I don't know how reliable that is.
  14. There is a known bug that causes players to seem to change race. It has only been reported to affect regens, but that's probably only because people have noticed it with their profile pic. It makes sense that real players could change as well which only perceptive people would be able to notice in the match engine. Has he ever been the correct race? If so, expect it to be fixed when they find the underlying cause of the bug I mentioned. Otherwise, it's probably a data issue.
  15. Not a funny one but it's the first time I can remember I've had a top player play through to his 40s(!) in a FM game!
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