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  1. @burtur - I remember you from the original thread.......those days seem sooooo long ago now!! @Ronaldo Beckham - I've enjoyed reading your updates. As others have said, this challenge can be a real slog at times, but it's totally worth it!! @shirajzl - You're the man we aspire to be!! You're having some fine success so far!! I'm similar to @burtur in that I played the original challenge and became addicted to it (credit to @LetsGetReadyTo, eh @vikeologist??!!) But I got the game a couple of days ago and have been downloading some cosmetic stuff (logos and kits) and have had
  2. Re-visited this thread for the first time in literally ages - even though I've been playing this challenge non-stop on FM17 For one reason or another I didn't post my start/progress of this challenge and by the time I was back on t'internet it would have been such a mammoth update of my progress that it'd have taken me ages!! (on FM17 I'm in year 2046, I've won a few leagues and cups (none of the main five though) and done well in international football) Anyway....glad to see some familiar names, made up that @vikeologist is still "bossing" this thread - I'm sure he can remember when thi
  3. Great reading everyone's progress in this challenge. I've been tinkering around with FM17 since I bought it about a month ago and I've just started my attempt with this version - I've loaded leagues from England, Italy, Greece and Turkey (I've never managed in Greece or Turkey ever before) I'll post screenshots a bit later, but I've got the gig at Kissamikos who play in the second tier of the Greek League. Finances are rubbish, they're hovering around the relegation zone and they won't fund a coaching badge for me......what have I let myself in for??!! My previous two attempts
  4. I had that issue when I attempted the challenge on FM16 - just couldn't remove the leagues despite multiple attempts. I'll be loading Sweden as one of my leagues when I start the challenge on FM17 over the weekend - I like Sweden as the seasons are relatively short!!
  5. Great reading everybody's progress in this challenge. I was going to wait until Christmas until I bought FM17, but purchased it today and been messing around downloading graphics etc - I know it isn't essential, but it floats my boat!! So, within the next couple of days I'll be starting my latest attempt at this challenge and see how far I can get this time!! I think I'm going to start in Europe this time with leagues England, Scotland, Austria, Norway and Sweden - as we all know, there is no exact "science" to this challenge, but this time I'm tempted to try and build my reputati
  6. Hi All I've just scanned the last couple of pages to see what would be happening now that FM17 has been released - I've picked up that there are no new rule changes (as such) and this will be the continuing thread. It'll be a few weeks before I get FM17, but as soon as I've got it, this will be the challenge I'll be partaking in!! My FM16 save, I kind of lost my way after playing for 30 odd seasons - I was never going to complete the challenge, but thoroughly enjoyed attempting it until the last few seasons when I moved around in Germany a little too often and I couldn't find a
  7. Jeonbuk - End of Season 2041 Just a quick update as to where I am. After returning to Jeonbuk, it was the Asian Champions League I was after as I'd already won the League and Cup in Korea. So, I put all my eggs into one basket and it almost cost me my job halfway through the season when I lost 4 matches in a row and the board weren't happy. They called a meeting, I admitted I'd made a couple of mistakes, they appreciated my honesty and luckily I kept my job. The group stage was a doddle, as we beat Newcastle Jets twice, Okayama twice & Shanggang twice, which sa
  8. I like this idea!! It would be interesting to see how much of an impact (if any) that this would have on peoples careers. As has been stated, I think the 20 years of age, no badges etc. should still apply as it's served us well over the past two challenges, but tweaking the actual stats is a good idea. I'll probably get FM17 sometime in November, I won't bother with the beta version..........it'll give me extra time to "fail" this challenge!!!
  9. Jeonkuk - End of Season 2039/40 Not done an update for a while, but still been playing. So what's happened.....?? Of course, one more sacking in Italy!! Not certain why - just not good enough I reckon!! So unemployed again, looking around for jobs and I noticed Jeonbuk were in the quarter finals of the Asian Champions league, but the manager got sacked as they were stuck in mid table. So decided to go back to one of my former clubs as I still need the ACL as part of the challenge Beat Brisbane of Australia 2-1 on aggregate in the quarter final, but after getting a 1-1 d
  10. Juventus - End of Season 37/38 Well, a season to forget after it started so well, when we won the Italian Super Cup - although it doesn't count to the challenge, it's always nice to win a pot!! We'd qualified for the Champions League and were handed a tough group with PSG, Porto and Borussia Moenchengladbach (I'll be amazed if I've spelt that correctly!!) We beat PSG at home 2-1, which was a huge win, followed up with a 3-0 away win at Porto then a 1-1 draw with BMG saw us top of the group at the halfway stage. The biggest downside to the whole campaign was that my boar
  11. I'd say go @numero uno gunner Purely because you've proven you can win titles etc in other countries and as you state, the ACL is a real ballache to win Jump onboard at Orlando Pirates, secure the ACL and then move on - another trophy (and a hard trophy at that) ticked off and then the potential of another club!!
  12. Juventus - End of Season 2036/37 After being sacked by Lazio in the previous campaign, I managed to get the gig at Juventus (to my surprise) The board expected us to qualify for the Champions League via our position in Serie A and as you can see from the table we duly delivered - as the season took shape, we were never outside the top three places, although we couldn't quite manage to catch Napoli. The board didn't deem the cup as important - obviously they are unaware of my challenge to be the ultimate manager and I deemed it very important!! We cruised throu
  13. welcome @Crowy to the challenge. Yeah, this thread is very active, so hopefully you'll stick around. Good luck getting a job with all those leagues - as @vikeologist says on the first page of this thread, it isn't always beneficial taking the first job you are offered. But this challenge and this thread is the most enjoyable I've encountered on an FM challenge!!
  14. When I've been looking to move on from one club to another (if I haven't got the sack first!!) I start applying for jobs, with the philosophy that if my existing employers get the hump and sack me - then I was looking to move anyway. Must admit, I'm struggling with it too, but I guess it's just the getting used to it thing. Worst thing for me personally is that I can't access it at work!! the only browser we are allowed is an outdated version of Internet Explorer and this forum won't work. Luckily I've got a mate who works in the I.T. department and he is going to allow us a
  15. @Fadedaf @numero uno gunner South America is a good shout and in the next couple of days, I'm gonna remove a couple of European Leagues (that I don't think I'll ever manage in) and add a couple of South American Leagues - as you state, I need to go there at some point (or back to Mexico!!) As it happens, I applied for the Juventus job, not expecting anything...but I got an interview!! And......I got the job!! If I can't win anything with Juve, I may as well sack this challenge off!! Good luck with your next moves, guys!!
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