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  1. Except that he's not Real
  2. Congrats for the title and some great results in Europe:thup: Could you post a screenshot of Konstantinou when you have the time?
  3. Destinations

    I love this thread:D
  4. Being Greek, it's nice to see a career thread in this league. Good luck! Great start so far, the final two games sound tricky but you should get the point you need:thup:
  5. Poll on Steam activation

    Don't like it at all. I really looked forward seeing all the changes in FM12 but I might stick to FM11 now:thup:
  6. I have seen Barcelona relegated in the first season.. but I was the manager First time I've seen a big AI club doing this, awesome:thup:
  7. Injury Shock

    I started yesterday a game with Lille and Man City offered me 18M for Gervinho. I had to think it for some time as I really wanted the money but in the end I rejected it, him being a key player and all. The next day, he breaks his leg in training. S**t.
  8. Tunes when playing!

    I've found that Tool's Lateralus album almost always motivates my players
  9. I'm afraid that's not always the case, sometimes (only 2-3 times in all my saves, but still) I've encountered agents for the first time, yet they disliked me, not sure why.
  10. Wow!!! Look what I did...

    Taking B67 of Greenland to the CL groups after 6 years! (I've added the Greenlandic league, it starts with the Champion entering the First Qualifier of Europa League) Of course, I finished last and conceded 27 goals in the group, but I scored 2!
  11. The Ultimate Mundane Question

    "Greenland (backup)"
  12. Fictional universes for FM 2012

    It would matter if you started when a World War happened
  13. Youth Recruitment Network

    Not true mate, we're only crazy about football and basketball Even then we're not the best example in this topic, cause football here got backwards for other reasons (corruption and all that) And about Poland you probably mean volleyball! I don't remember the game importance of these countries in FM, just correcting a few things if you don't mind
  14. I tried an experiment on this a few months ago, reloading the game and choosing same players and options, and I got different answers everytime, so I do agree it seems random. Also, just curious but is it possible that the mentor refuses to tutor a player when you ask him? Never happened to me.
  15. Did it this year with Vikingur in Iceland and RB Salzburg in Austria:)