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  1. Just been promoted to League 2 with Vauxhall, now it says that all players will have to moved on to Full Time Contracts over time. Just looking at my budget and it is £5,500pw this is not much really and my best players are looking for £600pw each how am I gonna put a good squad together? Anyone got any ideas on how they normally Adapt to life in the Football League. Not possible to increase budget as my balance is -£100k. 1. Do i have a certain amount of time to move players on to full time contracts? 2. How many players do you suggest having in your squad? 3. Would it be wise to keep only my best players and have youth players in my squad? Any help will do. I am not looking forward to putting my squad together for a very hard Season. :confused:
  2. Sorry I meant squad, how do you not have a reserve squad? I would like to be able to do it but I usually start in premier league and all teams have players in there reserve squad, and its impossible to sell players.
  3. How many players do you have in your 1st Team? Do you use Reserve Players as well?
  4. I started my game as England manager not going to bad but one thing that really annoyed me was just before the World Cup i had a friendly vs Ecuador on 5th June i was asked to pick a 26 man squad a couple of days before this game, I was thinking of trying out as many players as i could before having to trim my squad down to 23 for the Finals. But to my annoyance i was asked to pick my World Cup squad the morning of the match so could not use the match as a try-out for a few players who i needed to pick between. So i picked my 23 man squad and much to my annoyance every player bar 2 of them were given 45min instructions by there club. How stupid is this the season had finished. Small things i think but this would not of happened in real life!!!
  5. I have applied to be England U21,Ireland U21 and Italian U21 and after 3 years they still have my application pending! Why is this?