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  1. From selling Chich to buying Chong in less than a year eh.
  2. http://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/jan/25/anchester-united-louis-van-gaal-resign-offer
  3. His nickname is 'Zorro' though so I reckon we should buy him just for that. 'The Manchester United Thread 2012-2013 Thread - Following the Adventures of Buttman, Robin and Zorro'
  4. I'm sure he'll fit right into the Barca way as well. Noticed him falling all over the place last night....to be the man who dives the most frequently in a Spain vs. Portugal match is some achievement..
  5. Aye, SAF the tactical incompetent who got us to two Champions League finals and 3 consecutive title wins in recent years. Yawn.
  6. 'Proper' fans n that. Managed to get a HD stream for the game today which was nice Unfortunately it made that Welbeck miss that much more painful... Ho well, TOP OF THE LEAGUE!
  7. Christ sake, it snowing everywhere now. I'm almost expecting tomorrow's football headlines to be 'Chelsea postpone game vs. Man Utd due to snowy weather' and then it'll be re-arranged for a time when Chelsea have all of their players back and we're crocked again.
  8. Away from acting and running for presidency, Eric Cantona enjoys playing in novelty tribute bands for charity... (The guy in the hat on the right..)
  9. That midfield would be so slow, but as you say we don't have many other options I've got a feeling we're going to get overrun in midfield, and that'd be terrible considering Liverpool's midfield will probably contain Charlie Adam....the ultimate humiliation
  10. Oh and of course this needs to be posted. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYiO7PoCZyY I nearly had a heart attack that day as well..
  11. I'm getting more apprehensive as the match draws closer. If we had only 5 of our 10 missing players back today we'd thrash them comfortably but because we are so crocked it's going to be so much harder. I'm begging that it isn't 0-1, or 1-2 in the 80th minute with our whole team lined up along the penalty area trying to defend the lead...my heart can't take it. But inevitably I'm sure that's what will happen and I'll have to have a lie down after it has finished. Seriously don't want a replay...our currently threadbare squad can't take it!
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