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  1. What kind of protein shake do you have? I only ask as I had a mate who started eating really well and doing loads of gym work and cardio but couldn't manage to shift his stomach fat. Turned out his shake was one of those 'all in one' shakes that contained about twice his daily recommended sugar intake. Soon got to about 8% bodyfat after he switched to just normal protein.
  2. PocketCasts http://www.shiftyjelly.com/pocketcasts
  3. I'd have a gander at the OPO technical support forum before you think about buying one..
  4. Forgive the missing words and crap grammar. I'm posting on my phone.
  5. After I'd split up with my first girlfriend who I'd been with for over 4 years, I found it really difficult to talk to girls any I was out and wondered why my style of talking to them didn't seem to work. One of my friends told me about the game and although a lot of it American storytelling ridiculousness, there are a few nuggets of information that I think a lot of guys would find informative and have been repeated in this thread more than a few times! Just simple things like not beating around the bush when texting a girl that you like so she doesn't get bored. The amount of stories in here
  6. Men's Health is basically cosmopolitan for men. So much sh1te in there.
  7. Should definitely give yourself some recovery time or you'll just end up injuring yourself. Infact, the more muscle you put on, the longer the rest periods you should give yourself really. To be honest though, I don't follow this as I feel fat up if I don't go to the gym at least 3 times a week. Just try and do 6 weeks at the gym followed by a 1 week rest and see how that works out.
  8. Slight tangent, but has anyone ever thought about using Vicks vaporub for when they are training? I rub a dollop under my nose and in my nostrils (yeah I know they say don't do it, but it really doesn't irritate my skin or anything) and it helps me breathe loads better when I'm lifting heavy weights. Just a suggestion!
  9. That's true for the flapjacks (they have golden syrup in them) but the bars have <1g of sat. fat. The sugars come from the fruit (dates mainly) so its slow burning and I find it's ideal for recovery straight after a workout!
  10. The flapjacks are pretty good as well!
  11. http://www.naturalbalancefoods.co.uk/trek/ I have these after a workout. Expensive I know, but 11g of protein and raw pressed. Perfect.
  12. Well my nexus 4 finally arrived yesterday. TNT are about as good as Google at being professional.. they delivered while I was out but didn't leave a card so I had to find out by checking the tracking info what had happened to it. Turns out they had left it with someone on my street so I had to knock on a load of doors to retrieve it. Such a joke. Anyway, the phone is awesome, especially for the price.. would definitely recommend!
  13. Yup, I do them. You've just got to be really careful not to roll your shoulders and really stick your arse out to keep your back straight. Real easy to do some proper damage if not done properly though!
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