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  1. Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Marc Bartra Your Team: Arsenal Buyer/Seller: Barcelona Player's Value: £17.5m Offer: £8.5m (£11.75m after his contract signing bonuses) (95k p/w wages) Transfer/Wage Budget: £58m/400k p/w space left on the wage budget Patch: 16.2 Season: 1st Ideally I'd like to have waited a season before worrying about replacing one of Kos or PerMer (29 and 30 respectively) but the release fee for Bartra is a good price I think, and if I don't move now either he signs for Chelsea or gets another contract with Barce and probably doubles that fee going forward. That competition for him is also why I've had to go higher on the wages, the real sticking point of this transfer for me, than I would like to. Any thoughts/alternatives?
  2. Haven't had much joy with 2015 so far, so decided to give a downloaded tactic a whirl, also since I wasn't having much luck or fun with my beloved Arsenal I figured starting unemployed might be worth a go. I enjoyed your tactics for 2014 Mr. Rosler so this thread was my first port of call. Ended up employed by Vise in the Belgian Third Division B. Predicted to be relegated, and set the goal by the board of just avoiding the automatic relegation spot. It's been a pretty rocky ride: but ultimately the outcome isn't something I would turn my nose up at: Never actually played classic mode before, so I don't know if bringing in ten new players (all but three of which were pretty much regular starters for the whole season) really had any effect on the up and down nature of things. I know it would have done in full fat mode, but honestly my knowledge of classic is negligible at best. Team still isn't exactly great, as you would expect from part-timers, but some of the performances were pretty nice to watch. And honestly more than a few of those defeats and draws were just really bad luck. For example at the start of the competitive season I had a run of five games with an injury a game, then went one game without any before having two players injured in the next, the upshot of which being I spent pretty much the first half of the season with a makeshift team most of the time. I also got a more than a handful (ten if my count is right) pretty unfortunate goals against me (dubious penalties and insane flukes etc.), each of which decided results of games. Of course I got a few dubious and flukey goals of my own, so I'm not going to grumble about that. I also noticed that injuries were rife all across the league so at least it wasn't just me suffering (seriously, I lost track of the amount of games that saw two to three of my opponents players go off injured). My DLF managed a solid return of 20 goals and 8 assists (to be fair this is skewed because he had to play more than a few games in the more advanced role due to injuries) in 28 league games. The AF didn't fare quite as well with 12 goals and 5 assists in 20 games (injuries hampered him quite a bit I think). The rest of the squad chipped in nicely with goals as well, which is something I always quite like to see. I messed around with switching to counter in away games, but honestly that never made much of a difference (my heaviest losses came with that strategy in fact) so eventually I just gave up on that and let control do it's thing. All in all I'm pretty happy with how things turned out. Sure I never got a storming run together but this kind of finish for a team like Vise is still pretty damn good.
  3. One might even call it...Dreddful. ( •_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) Sorry.
  4. Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Michael Essien Your Team: Leverkusen Buyer/Seller: Chelsea Player's Value: £3.6mil Offer: £3.5mil Transfer/Wage Budget: £23mil/£240k Patch: 12.1.1 Season: 2013/14 I have Gago and Bender as my go to CM players, and I couldn't get rid of a pesky "match highest earner" clause in David Luiz's contract, which means he and Essien would both be earning £80k p/w should I make this signing, which is counter productive to the wage bill trimming I just did over the summer to try and stem some of the bleeding the club finances have done since I took charge in November. On the other hand I'm fond of Essien and think he might help meet the board's demands that we challenge for the title this year since he's still got quite a bit of quality about him. Thoughts?
  5. Elmander has become a perpetual thorn in my side since joining Bolton. Always seems to have the games of his life when he comes against a team that I'm in charge of and it's not unheard for him to bag on the wrong side of five goals a season against me.
  6. Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Miralem Pjanic Your Team: Arsenal Buyer/Seller: Lyon Player's Value: £6m Offer: £15m in installments Transfer/Wage Budget: £15m Patch: 11.2.0 Season: Start of first.
  7. Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name:Gaetano D'Agostino Your Team: Arsenal Buyer/Seller: Udinese Player's Value: £7m Offer: £7m Transfer/Wage Budget: £26m Patch: 10.1.1 Season: Start of 1st Season. Udinese just offered him out since it seems he wants to leave. I sent Denilson out for £16 mil to Man City so I am a little light on the dmc front, however I have to admit that I don't know much of anything about this guy so any advice would be welcome.
  8. I like Lukas, he's been a fairly consistent FM signing for me for quite a while now and he usually comes good for me. Never any good for anybody else I know who manages top flight clubs in the game, and he's never recomended by my scouts or assistants but he just seems to work. It's wierd, I'm going to assume it's the power of faith! I'll take a look at Chygrynskyy, new players are always interesting thanks.
  9. Yeah I liked the look of Burdisso's stats a little more, just wasn't sure if Chivu was going to be the rock I needed or not. Well Chivu rejected my watered down contract offer (I will not be paying anybody 115k a week) but Burdisso accepted his. So Burdisso it shall certainly be. Chiellini apparantly has no interest in signing for us, which is a shame because he's a quality player. Is Fazio worth the look then? I've bought him in the past but he never quite broke into the side in that experiment so I've ignored him since, he is available for under £10 mil though this time. I'm also eyeing Sinkiewicz for £4.5 mil, but that's one of those crazy "I really like this player" things and I don't expect anybody to support the notion;-p
  10. Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Christian Chivu Your Team: Arsenal Buyer/Seller: Inter Player Value: £9.25 mil Offer: £19 mil Patch: 9.3.0 Season: 1 Also have: Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Nicolas Burdisso Your Team: Arsenal Buyer/Seller: Inter Player Value: £3.1 mil Offer: £5 mil Patch: 9.3.0 Season: 1 I like Chivu and all but the price is pretty hefty, Burdisso is a moderate problem since he's after 60k in wages with 25k app fees. Centre backs are a pain:-<
  11. So as I was once again returning to the good ship FM09 I realised that I can't remember a single game I've played that doesn't see me start at Arsenal (well okay there was my Brentford career, but that wound up with me at Arsenal in the end anyway so it barely counts.) so I figured I would spread my wings a little bit, and come to you fine chaps for a little assistance. I've narrowed it down a little tiny bit in the following: England - West Ham or bust. France - Was considering indulging in some mid table hijinks to try and, eventually, unseat Lyon. Italy - I'm not the biggest lover of Italian football but I honestly don't remember running a single game there, so maybe it's time to give it a whirl? Eastern Europe - I'm intruiged but know very little about the clubs on offer apart from Zenit and CSKA. Germany - Same as France but without Lyon, obviously. Holland - Ajax rebuilt to their former glory perhaps? That's kind of what I'm considering but I'm open to pretty much anything that sounds like it would be interesting and not face-meltingly frustrating:->
  12. So my first season is behind me and, despite it being the worst Arsenal season I've had in FM09, I had more fun than usual. We finished sans trophies but the only major dissapointments were dropping out of the FA cup at the first hurdle and not beating Liverpool to third place. Otherwise I didn't really mind the reserves getting knocked out of the League Cup in the final (to Liverpool on penalties) or dropping out in the quarters of the Champion's League (also on penalties, this time to Barcelona.) since team performances in both competitions were credible enough. Didn't do much business in January but I did pick up Higuain (handy since Eduardo insisted on being allowed to deal with Juventus and I'd already sold Bendtner), Ben Foster and Zuculini (a deal I had already made in the summer). Most of the outs in January were loans apart from the two strikers I already mentioned and Senderos being picked up by Milan. On into summer and the outs were as follows: Merida, Ogogo Van den Berg, Blackwood, Ayling, Hoyte, Almunia, Murphy, Gilbert, Rasmussen, Bischoff, Gibbs, Randall, Simpson, Ramsey, Radu and Gago (devestating but, like Eduardo, he wanted to talk to the enquiring club and he chose their contract over mine.). Grand total was 50 million plus alot of sell on clauses that should come into effect eventually. There've also been a number of loan signings that I haven't bothered to list this time around. The ins have been few: Mattock, Nakamura (Don't ask) and Mata. Grand total stands at 19.75 million but I don't know if I'm finished yet. So the team looks like this: GK: Asenjo/Fabianski/Foster DR: Sagna/Santon/Opare DL: Clichy/Mattock DC: Toure/Chiellini/Djourou/Silvester DM: Sissoko/Zuculini/Song MC: Fabregas/Parejo/Barazite AMR: Arshavin/Walcott/Nakamura AML: Mata/Nasri/Rosicky FC: Van Persie/Adebayor/Higuain/Vela I'm confident that it can pretty easily lock down the expected Champion's League spot, beyond that though I figure only time will tell really. I am still stinging over the loss of Gago, espescially as it came after my clear out which included a couple of young midfielders who I might well have kept hold of if that gap were there. I'm also batting around the notion of picking up another striker, on paper the position seems okay but last season Nasri spent alot of time out with injuries (most of them picked up at internationals) and RVP spent the better part of the season on the left wing; however with the signing of Mata and the return of Rosicky to full fitness I don't know if that's a problem I will face again. Plus Vela absolutely shone last year up front despite having been thrust in at the deep end. There's a bit for me to think about with regards to the squad, luckily I have nearly 50 million left to spend on strengthening, although I doubt I'll be splashing out on individuals. The amount I spent on Mata was pretty much my limit I reckon.
  13. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Nicklas Bendtner Your Team: Arsenal Buyer: Sunderland Player Value: 6.75mil Offer: 15mil - Most of it over 24 months with a dash of it based on goals scored and plus a 10% of next sale clause. Transfer/Wage Budget: 0 Patch: 9.3 Season: January window of first. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Eduardo Your Team: Arsenal Buyer: Juventus Player Value: 8.25mil Offer: 15mil - 2 mil up front with the rest spread across 24 months and an "after 20 goals" clause. Transfer/Wage Budget: 0 Patch: 9.3 Season: January window of first. I've got Vela, Higuain, Adebayor, Eduardo and Bendtner that currently operate as strikers (RvP spends most of his time on the wing covering for the fairly frequently injured Nasri.). So I was thinking it might be moderately wise to shop off one of them just to save any future friction. I'm more inclined to get rid of Bendtner in general since he has suffered a few goal droughts already this season, however selling to a team in the same division throws some uncertainty in for me. Edurado is Eduardo, great player but I'm just not sure how much mileage I'm going to get out of him. Thoughts?
  14. Eh, I'm not disputing his talent per say. I'm just disputing his one ridiculous moment of magic against my beloved team of simpletons who can't string together two away wins on the bounce;-p Although I will stand by the argument that the guys just not a prolific goal scorer from what I've seen of him in the French league. In other news I lost Clichy to a pretty sizeable injury in the same humiliating Bolton game. He picked up a slight knock in like the 85th minute or something and now he's going to be out for nearly two months. Kieran Gibbs, step on up! Nasri is also out for a little while, looks like my run of bad luck with injuries has migrated from centre half to left side of the park. Oh well, soldier on we shall. I still have RVP and Vela to rotate on the left wing at least.
  15. Oh hey, would you look at that, one of those moments that make me wonder why I play this game anymore. Bolton: 4 - Arsenal: 3 The score line isn't even what bothers me, it's the fact that Johan Elmander got 4 shots and scored 4 goals in the first half. I mean, seriously, Johan Elmander? Even the three goal fight back in the second half doesn't help. In fact winning the league wouldn't help to wash away the abysmal taste of that occurence, I could probably win a quadruple and still be harping on about Johan Elmander well into next season, lol