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  1. First season is in the books and as I predicted the propensity for draws cost us, however it was fractional when compared to our expected finish so complaining would be churlish. We managed to grab third, which to be honest was a bit clutch since we hit a poor run of form in April and May, so while I'm somewhat disappointed that we didn't challenge for the title better I think it's definitely a good achievement. Ended up mostly abandoning the five at the back variant of my tactic since it just kind of fell apart and never recaptured the magic of the Chelsea and Leicester results. Sti
  2. I haven't really gotten into the groove with FM for a long time, but since I just picked up FM18 this week and this challenge caught my eye I figured I'd give it a go. My West Ham team operating with this frame work are currently unbeaten in competitive fixtures and is sitting fourth in the PL with a media predicted finish of 9th. So far so good. This tactic has become my primary tactic, it began development after a very nail biting result at Liverpool showed me that the original tactic developed during preseason probably wouldn't cut it against the top teams. It's primary focus
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