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    I am the King. Don't you forget it. I like a bit of football on the side.

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    Buckingham Palace


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    Football, other sports, forums, partying/drinking
  1. Is anyone else sick of FM10?

    Hey mate, I've got a solution. Don't play it. The King doesn't anymore, and I'm a much better King as a result. Maybe you'll be less of a whiney *****!
  2. The only option here is death, I cannot believe you have had to make a thread. The solution is clear.
  3. 2D Classic > 3D > 2D (****ing hell that's horrible)
  4. [WIP] Alt World FM2010

    Indonesia should be Dutch East Indies. Weren't a bad side back then either. In all honesty though what do you aim to achieve with this
  5. El Ricardo's FIFA World Football League (v1.0)

    what happens to all the players? i.e. do Torres and Gerrard stay with Liverpool or are fake players used?
  6. You got me. That was a bit 'orrible.
  7. Nice one guys, laughing at a disability. Oh well, Kertiz is still the King, and you are my peasants.
  8. I suffer from epilepsy. Nice to know you like it though, that's all that matters.
  9. New Team - Apply Within...

    First Name: King Last Name: Kertiz Full Name: King Kertiz Nationality: Turkey Town you're from: Istanbul Date of Birth: 27/08/1988 Height: 187cm Weight: 79kg Right or left foot: Right, but strong with left too. (So 20 with right, 15 with left.) Position(s) you want to play: DM, CM, AM Preffered Squad Number: 6 Now rate yourself out of 20 on these: Adaptability: 12 Ambition: 12 Controversy: 16 Determination: 18 Loyalty: 12 Pressure: 10 Prfoessionalism: 10 Sportsmanship: 14 Temperament: 10 Current Ability: 149 Potential Ability: 189 Aggression: 15 Anticipation: 15 Bravery: 14 Composure: 13 Concentration: 13 Consistency: 14 Creativity: 16 Decisions: 13 Dirtiness: 15 Flair: 14 Important matches: 16 Influence: 14 Off the ball: 13 Positioning: 14 Teamwork: 15 Workrate: 15 Acceleration: 14 Agility: 15 Balance: 14 Injury Proneness: 12 Jumping: 12 Natural Fitness: 13 Pace: 16 Stamina: 14 Strength: 15 Corners: 1 Crossing: 14 Dribbling: 16 First Touch: 16 Free Kicks: 10 Heading: 14 Long Shots: 18 Long Throws: 1 Marking: 13 Passing: 16 Penalty Taking: 13 Tackling: 17 Technique: 16 Versatility: 15 Preffered moves: Shoots Long Gets in Opposition Area Dives into tackles
  10. Gay or...?

    I'm leaving the thread now, it is not good for a King to associate himself with someone who participates in gay bashing.
  11. Gay or...?

    If we didn't live in a PC society, homophobes like yourself would run riot.
  12. Gay or...?

    I don't find taking the mickey out of gays very funny, son.
  13. Gay or...?

    Don't be homophobic mate.