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  1. It wasn't hacked. One of the former owners accessed the site whilst it was under new ownership and damaged core files (which rendered the site inaccessible). I think the current owner is trying to get things back online, but I don't know more that that.
  2. You're talking to yourself in here. For anyone who doesn't know already, this is a fantastic site. You should definitely check it out
  3. So, yeah. Quick update (sadly one of those spammy, lazy link ones - it's late, I'm tired). Anyway, we've been offline for a few days, I just wanted to let people know we're back and looking fresh. We'll have some more content up for FM11 in the coming weeks - so if that's your bag, come over and check out our work
  4. That's a really good idea; looks good too.
  5. FM-View

    Anyone can sign up
  6. It was the culmination of numerous examples of idiocy which have built up to this point, so I escalated the language. It's no different to calling someone a r3t4rd; which I'm sure you'd not have complained about. I'm not saying it wasn't politically incorrect, but is it really that big of a deal? It's just words, and words without any hatred or antipathy behind them. Don't take everything to heart; you know me, I'm not some ignorant lunatic. Granted, I'm hardly a fluffly cloud of fun, but surely by now you know that I don't pander to an over politically correct audience.
  7. I'm sure I've seen you around somewhere :/ But yeah, I've read the work and to say it's in-depth would be an understatement. Infact pretty much everything on the site is of a very high standard.
  8. Why is this being dragged on? It might not be construed as the most politically correct comment, granted - but it's a valid point.
  9. Yes, I'll take busy people's time up by getting them to check IP's on people's accounts -- to confirm that on this occassion, he's not responsible for spammng. Honestly, this ain't what this thread is about. So, kindly, decline from further commentary on this saga. Grazie.
  10. Sure. You should post your site up in this section, that's usually the first step. In fact, I never contacted anyone about affiliation, they contacted me; so they do usually ask you, if they see your site and like it. I'll post a message in the affiliate section, but I'd imagine that this area would be checked anyway
  11. Which is your site? I'll drop a post in the affiliate section for you
  12. Wow, desperate much today Aodhagan? I can't be arsed to email, so I'll just ask my questions here. Do you have Down Syndrome? Who in their right mind is going to join your site via you spamming the affiliate section? What do you hope to achieve by being an utter bellend constantly? You seriously need to have a word with yourself.
  13. Well of course, people have different opinions on who is good or not, but from what I know of the people on the site, they're the cremé de la cremé of FM GFX (most of them originating from the same sites your very own hammer9 was at). There are some projects which I'm not a fan of; there are a few people trying their own styles and so on, but some of the team logos and kits are amongst the best around. I also believe we have one of the largest styles of facepack in the TF facepacks (around 32,000 faces thus far and counting). I would agree that the logos with random effects are poor, I dislike them too, but we're not producing any of them. As far as I'm aware, it's just members submitting their own styles or styles coming in from other sites in those styles. We have Derek's Shine logos, the badge logos you mentioned and we're producing mainly the FbKits and the Display kits - everything else is either fan made or concept work. And once more, I agree with the facepacks too. I'm not a fan of the names and flags and all that other stuff either, but I believe we only have two styles like that (due to concept feedback) and then we have simple facepacks like the stickerbook facepacks, glossy widescreen packs and also very plain logos too. Who are you on Susie? I only know of Matt really, and that gay lad, Tom Dixon And again - skinners aren't really important right now for any site. I think once we're ready to release the updated site, we'll offer as much as Susie do graphically - even if we're second to Susie - given their reputation and years of good service to the community.
  14. That's exactly what I was saying. The fact is, they have no cause for complaint - they made the choice to persue their business plan forsaking the community. But, having said that, SI have taken the community for granted for a long time, and as a result this incident has occurred. There is blame on both sides, but there is little doubt in the fact that FM-B are completely without a valid argument in this instance. Still, FM-B have the ability to produce their paid content, just without their SI perks (which should obviously be forfieted anyway) and yet they've openly condemned SI for their position. Essentially, they want to make money and still continue to be part of the company, and they're not allowed. So, they've resorted to challenging the company in a bid to gain support or pity and it's backfired. So, ultimately is it a shame - yes, without a doubt. FM-B, love them or hate them, were above and beyond briliant. The biggest regret here is them not knowing when to stop. They could have sold the guide last year and still been part of the community this year by not doing it again, but they got greedy. Now they'll rue their decision and bin off years of hard work, for nothing more than immaturity. Anyway, they'll pack up their bags and be replaced by someone else. I can say, this year FM Fanboys would have given them a run for their money whether they'd stayed or not, because we're putting the finishing touches to a guide which far surpasses the topics contained in TT&F normally; so there is already one site who will offer what FM-B did, even if it takes some time to catch up to their status.
  15. This matter is being discussed in the affiliate section of this forum too, I'll post what I wrote in there, here. FM-B have completely lost the plot and are very obviously trying to chase money. It's something that is breeding in the community and on some blogs, which I've encountered first-hand. However, there is a reason for this - SI have taken the community for granted to the point where sites have become bitter. 1. FM-B I agree fully with both of what Rob and Caley have said. Whilst I can applaud the fact they've made money from a hobby, I'm starting to be massively annoyed that they're complaining about the consequences. I will say, I wasn't highly opposed to them selling a guide; that was their business and their work; and whilst I didn't like the fact that someone would venture down that route, given what they were selling, it was something that just about sat okay with me. However, I can say that my position has completely changed now that they've released this 'open letter'. Not only are they highly insulting in claiming that they cannot survive without being able to sell their work, but they've painted a pitcure which is very obvious to anyone who is in this scheme that it's been exaggerated to benefit their position. They've made a fortune because all other parties were unwilling to venture down this route (due to an ethical position), and now they're complaining at not being allowed the few perks that the more morally positioned sites gain? They're allowed to persue this business interest, but they can't be in the scheme - so why the backlash? 2. SI/SEGA Also, I completely agree with Rob on the point about attention, and FM-Britain's point about SI and the SIAS scheme (the only point of their's that I agree with). It's seriously ****ing annoying that they've had so much attention over this - certainly when you can't even get a ReTweet from Miles 99% of the time, because of potential 'favouritism'. The real question would be, does anyone really care about what we do? Because the sites who put the most in, not only have to work exceptionally hard to reach a level where your reputation is positive, but we also have to battle just as hard to get any glimmer of recognition for what we do. Now, I say that because SI recognition equates to far more attention from our target audience. I'm not saying this because we didn't get enough hugs as kids. As a site owner, you just want to make something successful (I have no idea why, maybe it's just me) and a positive recommendation from SI would give our sites much more benefit than a free t-shirt or a mousepad. Surely if you value not only the community, but more importantly, the people in the community who work hard for this game, then they deserve to get something as miniscule as a RT or a little news piece for their efforts? I think this whole situation revolves around two points. Firstly, the SIAS scheme has been an absolute joke until recently (even though we've had no changes since this was announced). Secondly, it's taken one site going rogue and ****ing the companies off enough to make SI/SEGA finally get around to doing something for the people who are driving the game beyond what you do yourselves. -- Let's be honest, what the big sites do for this community goes far beyond what SI could ever do - and whether we boost sales or not, we absolutely improve your product. You've had the advantage of a community of idiots who are willing to bend over backwards to produce massive amounts of information on tactics and players, you've had the advantage of people making additional interfaces and skins, and you've had the advantage of a community of people who create THOUSANDS of images for clubs, players and competitions. In return these people get (on a rare occasion) a mug, a mousepad, a t-shirt and some pens. I will say, I completely understand that these sites are undertaken with the understanding that we'd pay the bills, we'd make no money and get nothing back. However, surely when we reach a stage when our sites are so popular to the point where we've become a big impact on YOUR community, we deserve a little more than a box of merchandise and a pat on the back? I'm not asking, and would never ask for people to pay my bills - that's something that I committed myself to, but it would be nice for SI to recognise just how much goes into these sites (both financially and in terms of time) and then ponder if the community is supported enough. It's just something to consider. I am very happy with the new terms of the SIAS scheme; I think it's wonderful that SI/SEGA are willing to put some money back into the community (which if we're honest, most of it deserves and needs a hand) - but I'm under no illusion that this whole 'revolution' of the SIAS scheme comes off the back of the knowledge that these sites can very easily go rouge and create something with enough quality to start changing a fan community into a commercial community. If FM-Britain had not sold that e-book, we'd all still be mugged off and left to fend for ourselves - and that is something that is as equally as insulting as FM-Britain claming that they don't get enough money from a £15k e-book or complaining that they can't have the few 'perks' that we get as well as their huge profit margin.