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  1. Speak of the devil it has arrived
  2. My Zavvi purchased game didn't get dispatched till the 8-9th of November.... tried to cancel it, but couldn't. It had been ready for dispatch since the 3rd or 4th.... Still waiting
  3. Kevin

    Where is he signed from?
  4. oh dear oh dear oh dear
  5. Minimum Fee Release Clause

    Back in the day there was, and it was great, I do think there is a Altered skin or something that has been available in the past editions from a 3rd party that can do this
  6. Makes sense to me, nice work, hope you did well in your exam
  7. Been like it for 5 days now. Queries arn't being answered, denied cancelation as it is "ready for dispatch" Anyone else still got Zavvi / The Hut issues?
  8. CM Rev European Leagues

    Just Activated or what level of research done??
  9. As a kepper myself, that happens, indecision, it was bouncing ball so the keeper would of had to be agile or timed his meeting with the ball well. Things like wind and ground hardness can make the difference
  10. The guy in Game asked me

    I have flirted with other games, Demos and th like, but FM is the only game I buy year in year out. I like being sad. Actually does this mean that us FMer's who only play FM are great marriage material as we are loyal to only one game hence will be loyal to our wives/ Future wives? Me : 5 years of Marriage 2 kids 5 versions of FM
  11. Does any one who ordered from Zavvi still have it listed as "Being Dispatched"?
  12. Project Africa

    Cheers, I wont have any info for you for a bit, as the computer room at home is currently occupied by my wifes sister and her screaming 18month old.... FUN days
  13. Ondrej Kusnir O.o

    Wrong forum I would say, but retrain him as a striker