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  1. I had this with my Luton save, I drew with title contenders Oxford and the fans are disappointed but then I draw with Forest Green and they are pleased. Both games were at home. :confused:
  2. Roma on my save won the Italian league then got themselves relegated the next season. Oh how I laughed because they're my "bogey" team.
  3. Maybe Argentina had a player injured so Maxi Rodriguez got put in as a replacement.
  4. A player asked for 4.4mil signing on fee. I told him to stuff it and offered him a lot less, he reluctantly accepted
  5. On my game (Year 2014) and Walcott averages 7.75 and seems pretty good.. I'd buy him for my Juventus team but I don't play wingers and thats whats hes good for.
  6. I hate board take overs, You get threatened to lose your job.. You could get a poor chairmen in. Its just not ideal, the odds are your not going to get a Tycoon.
  7. Oh yeah, I never really took any notice but I had a look and most of the press had "Fierce Dislike" I usually answer the questions and don't usually skip them. What did I do?
  8. I make a profit of 700k a month with my Juventus team. I get £69mil in TV Revenue. It took me 2 years to start making a profit with my Juve team.
  9. Go "Windowed mode" .. Saves time having to minimize it.
  10. Hopefully bad.. UP THE GAS! Although on my game they made it to the premiership but got humiliated and only got 12 points.
  11. Thats wierd.. In 2013, Aston Villa got relegated to the championship as Burnley won the premier league.
  12. Nope. 10NOESSS
  13. I'll tell you whats wrong with it.. I can't add bloomin' graphics apart from team logos :confused:
  14. I wont be charging them the 100% wages .. I just used him for illustrative purposes.