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  1. FMO Available players thread

    Game: FM17 Type of Game: Online career Age: 31 Timezone: GMT When can you play: Anytime Steam Username: HardstyleR-X would prefare to play in a clan thats been going for a while, i played with some old mates till about a week ago for 2 years, been in a few different clans and enjoyed them, so im back on the look out
  2. PGC: Tour de France for FM16

    Welcome to Cretil Well this is my 3rd season as manager, and its enjoyable being part of something good, everyone has there own expectations, me well im happy with fighting for 8th place lol, simple reason is id be happy more than happy to finish there highest ever pos.. As previous seasons ive finished 9th, 9th, oh and 9th.. For the past few seasons with no choice ive tried to build a decent stable club. with free and loan signings. Once again i brought in Diego Salomao on loan from Sporting Lisbon.. Injuries Injuries Injuries played another part of my season, seems to me it always hit the wrong end of the season but thats life.... Now i wanna make a wee mention to Rafael Dias, this lad is outstanding for me, got another team of the year, hes simply not replaceable, altho i can get around 1.3m for him which would help me, but as stated hes not replaceable. below is team of the year for the league cretil team of year season review end of season updated soon
  3. PGC: Tour de France for FM16

    Welcome to cretil My key signings where Ishmael Miller who scored 19 goals for me came on a free contract. Diogo Salamao who again got voted my player of the year. Dias got into the end of season team of the year he's been outstanding. He's prob one of the best players I've ever had in football manager My expectations was to finish top 8, but again I finished 9th for the 2nd season in a row, it wasn't to be, we had an ok start to the season it fell apart a while but we bounced back, and could have had a chance of going up but we got hit with games called off, players being injured, suspensions. And just fell apart near the end of the season. But I was more than happy how it ended and try move on from that 9th place finish again. Team of the year came up and they all deserved a special mention, but Miller who was a gamble it paid off and he was outstanding Team of the year It was an interesting season as U.S Orleanes came up from national and ending up winning the league lol, so well done to you Sir Sean. End of season league table Close between my expectations and Mike who is manager of clemont foot I will post my results and add a few more information tomorrow about this season ahead and what I expect
  4. PGC: Tour de France for FM16

    Cretil end of season review but 1st a major announcment.. Cretil complete loan signing of Sporting Lisbon's Salomao on a season loan Signings Well it was one of them seasons for us, we started against Red Star who was managed by Nicho, the first game of the new clan era between 2 humans, Cretil winning 1-3. Having been knocked out of the cup early it ment i can concentrate on league matters. Big Fixtures Red Star 1-3 Cretil // Cretil 1-1 Paris Fc // Chamos 3-3 Cretil// Paris Fc 2-2 Cretil//Cretil 2-2 Chamos//Red Star 2-4 Cretil Cretil team of the season final lague table We have an excluisve chat with Cretil manager Robert Stewart.. Robert how did you find your first season in the ligue 2? Hi well it was good i was happy how the season went, was a bit sad come end of the season as we seem to hit a rocky patch towards the end, so hopefully we can build on to next season.. who impressed you the most last season? Sangare and Diaz where outstanding for us i felt, but not taking that away from any of my players who impressed me, Salomao got player of the year and that told me i had to get him signed up for next season, which i have done.. whats your plans for next season? Hopefully we can achieve better and aim towards the best finish in Cretil History which i believe was 8th, so we just missed out on that. Thank you for your time good luck next season.. Robert Stewart signs new 1 year deal. Cretil sign Ishmael Miller, Diego Salomao on loan.. Cretil release 16 players
  5. PGC: Tour de France for FM16

    Hello guys new player here, joined just in time for the new season, spoke with few of the lads and really enjoyed talking with them. so here i am making my opening post for my new club hope you like it.. US Créteil-Lusitanos Hello guys and welcome to the US Créteil-Lusitanos press conference where we will be announcing our new manager today.. I first spoke with him the other day and he told me what visions he had for the football club, and how he wants to play.. Having spoke with the other board members he was the obvious choice for the football club going foward.. I would like to announce Robert Stewart as the new manager of US Créteil-Lusitanos Thank you to the chairman for giving me this chance to become the new manager of this wonderful football club. I had a few offers from different football clubs across the french region, and decided that this club is the one for me, having looked at its background and history and a beautiful part of the world it was the only team for me, I came to this football club to play nice passing and possesion football, Having looked about the squad there is talented and experianced players who will be the main players in this team.. Championnat National Champions (1): 2013 Division 4 (CFA 2) Champions (1): 1987 Division d'Honneur (Île-de-France) Champions (2): 1962, 1986 Thanks for looking
  6. European Union Clan 2015 online game (no13 unlucky for some)

    Yup but i left the game.
  7. Little bit of help with adding graphics..

    Sorted it
  8. I have the logos in my graphic folder and it works, i downloaded faces and they wont appear?
  9. English b teams?

    Did anyone actually make this yet or is it impossible?
  10. So how do u unlock things? [IOS]

    Really all my time playing these games, never happend to me lol.
  11. How do u unlock all those features? never ever had it done before, tbh never bothered about it either.
  12. Ahh the bugel heard good things about this, and Peely yeah too worried sorting tacts, and making a world class team look poor lol.
  13. FMH 2013 Suggestions and Requests

    I see does the psp version mean vita or is that different?
  14. I never use tacts, seem to be happy playing with there default ones, maybe thats why i struggle away?
  15. FMH 2013 Suggestions and Requests

    No chance of getting it into a multiplayer for IOS?, might have been asked before.