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  1. SamRuff04

    dafuge's FM17 challenge

    Guys please does anyone have a save for Wingate and finchley i must of spent 3 hours yesterday reloading and i havent got them any chance anyone has got a save for them ?
  2. SamRuff04

    dafuge's FM17 challenge

    does anyone have a save for wingate and finchley please ??
  3. Everytime I go to play a game I get a crash dum, it is very frustrating and I need some help please , I have tried all the things on the forum to try and make it work. I am running windows 10 thanks in advance
  4. i cant find that second option the foreign players limit
  5. I am trying to make the premier league an all British and Irish league , i have deleted all foreign players from the clubs in the editor but how do i make sure that all the teams do not buy or play any foreign players . How do i edit this in the editor, Can anyone help. Thanks in advance !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. SamRuff04

    dafuge's FM14 challenge

    Cambridge City FC - 2015/16 Skrill North Club Information | Confidence | Finances | Squad | Transfers General Comments What a year for the Cambridge City staff and players, the season started a lot better than last year we managed to gain 14 points in 10 games, last year it took us 19 games to get to the same total so it was a dramatic improvement. The whole season was very inconsistent unlike last season where we had an awful start then a brilliant second half of the season, this season we won a few games then lost a couple then won a few .... well you get the picture, however there were enough positive results to take us into the last play off place on the last day of the season were we won 2-1 away from home against 6th place Leamington a draw would have been enough but the win put the icing on the cake there was some bad news however that came out of the fixture, our star player and goal scoring machine 18yr old Jaiden Jeffers was ruled out for 4 months with a torn calf muscle which meant he would miss the duration of the playoffs. So the playoffs started and we played 2nd place Stockport we drew 0-0 at home but once again a massive away win, running out 2-0 winners took us to the Final were we would play AFC Telford in the final who were on a 11 game unbeaten run. The rest was history 1-1 in normal time, the game went to penalties and we ran out 5-3 winners Scott Hadland scoring the decisive penalty. League Results League Table | Position Graph Cup Competitions F.A Cup | F.A Trophy The Fa Cup this year started and ended with a Home defeat to Southport were we lost 3-1 we played this game in a period of the season when we was on a pretty bad run so a defeat was not a suprise. On the other hand the F.A Trophy was a little better where we reached the 2nd round and had an away tie to Skrill Prem team Hereford where we eventually went down losing 4-1. My Top Player Jaiden Jeffers Aims For Next Season Next Season we have to consolidate and try to avoid relegation, once again 6 of my first team regulars do not want to sign contracts, this means we have to rebuild once again. I think our main objective is to win as many home games as we can and pick up the odd result away from home, hopefully that will help keep our status in the Skrill Prem .
  7. SamRuff04

    dafuge's FM14 challenge

    We've done it , promoted in the playoffs on penalties , Skrill Prem here we come !! Full end of season report to follow !!
  8. SamRuff04

    dafuge's FM14 challenge

    I'm through to the final against AFC Telford !!! Come on Cambridge !!!
  9. SamRuff04

    dafuge's FM14 challenge

    Just about to play the first leg of my skrill north playoff semi - final I'm so nervous haha
  10. SamRuff04

    dafuge's FM14 challenge

    I guess it makes this challenge so much harder !! Not that its not hard to begin with !
  11. SamRuff04

    dafuge's FM14 challenge

    It just doesn't make sense all of my best players went to play in leagues below or they haven't even found a club yet its so frustrating why won't they stay ???
  12. SamRuff04

    dafuge's FM14 challenge

    Cambridge City FC - 2014/15 Skrill North Club Information | Confidence | Finances | Squad | Transfers General Comments This year was a harsh reality into the frailties of lower league management. The season was split in two, from the good to the down right awful. The season started really poor, from the first 23 games we managed a meager 14 out of 69 points, which left us rock bottom of the league, with other teams around us getting points, it looked very bleak, however it all changed with a change of tactics my previous 4-4-2 was not working so i changed my formation to 4-5-1 and that's what i think saved us and of course Garrods goals were vital for our safety. The last 19 games where were we adopted the 4-5-1 tactic this culminated in a total of 42 points from a possible 57, which gave us a late surge up the league, ending in a respectable 11th place when the bookies nailed us on for relegation. This leaving us thinking what could of been if we had started a lot better. League Over-Achiever (I was expected to come 22nd in a competition of 22 teams... So finishing 11th was a super achievement) League Results League Table | Position Graph Cup Competitions F.A Cup | F.A Trophy The Fa Cup started well with two home wins but we came crashing back down to earth when we lost to Halifax, which was expected due to them being in the Skrill Prem. On the other hand we had a horrendous day at Cheshunt were we lost 5-1 in the Fa Trophy. My Top Player Tony Garrod Aims For Next Season Next Season we have to continue were we left off, we need to start better and hopefully that will lead us to a promotion chase, bearing in mind 7 of our key players don't want to sign new contracts so we might be back at square one. .
  13. SamRuff04

    dafuge's FM14 challenge

    Ok so here we go, i have had numerous attempts at this challenge but i feel a little optimistic about this year! Im taking over the mighty Cambridge City !! http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/28/p522.png/ - Manager Profile http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/17/p6wh.png/ - Club Overview
  14. SamRuff04

    dafuge's FM13 challenge

    Does anyone have a save for wingate & finchley i have been reloading for about 2 hours now lol
  15. Ruff FC Transfer Budget: £40m Wage Budget:£2m Transfer: 60%