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  1. @Franky. Been using your tactics since starting FM17. After a couple of false starts I settled on a save with Newcastle United. It has taken me till 2021/22 but I have managed to win the league. Wanted to say thanks for your hard work.
  2. Looks like perhaps Ryzen is not the best buy today for FM:
  3. Thanks for all the prompt replies. Lots of videos out there that I have seen have been focussed on gaming but FM17 aside I don't game on my computer. I also use Adobe Lightroom and to a lesser extent Photoshop and from what I can understand neither program seems to be written with multi core/multi thread in mind. In addition the intel has integrated graphics which is probably okay for me, as I understand it Ryzen does not so I would need to factor in the cost of a modest video card in any build which is something to think about. Intersting though
  4. Hello all Does anyone on the threads or the mods have any comment in respect of how well FM17 might work with the new Ryzen chips. I'm interested as I am looking to upgrade this year and on the intel side of things it will either be the i5-7600 or i7-7700. Now that AMD have released Ryzen 7 and with Ryzen 5 coming later in Q2 I'm curious to know if the extra cores on the Ryzen out punches the higher clock speed on the intel chips. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Darren
  5. Now that you have a chance to playa full season with the new tactic any chance of a player breakdown, attributes and skills that we should be targeting for each role? Appreciate your hard work.
  6. It's all gone horribly wrong. But no obvious fault of Mr Roslers tactic. Last day of the season top of the league on goal difference. Playing second in the league in the last game, four teams on similar points. 35 minutes in I get a man sent off, but manage to draw 1-1. Results elsewhere of against us, I finish 3rd. Half time in my playoff semi final first leg, 4-0 down. No idea where this result has come from. Pretty much out of it now. Epically annoying. Throughout the season I have had games where I have dominated and yet lost but this must be the first time I have been hammered 4-0 at half time. I HATE PLAY OFFS
  7. Hello Mr Rosler Great to start playing FM16 and in large part using your tactics. Started up with Coventry City using your first tactic then switching to the current tactic after the update. Will post a more in-depth update when season one is completed but so far like others have found the tactic is very good but it helps to have the very best players you can obtain. January has allowed me to get some good players in on loan and I am now in February challenging for an automatic promotion. I am often dominating possesion but as others have found it can be frustrating to lose or draw after dominating a match. Big thank you to yet another good tactic that is very well presented. EDIT: Also finding that Fleck playing in the right of the two centre midfield players is very influential.
  8. My first save was Leeds Utd. Byram, Silvestri and Bellusci where all good and can do it in the prem. Only moved on from them when I started to challenge for UEFA Cup/Champions League.
  9. Second season with Nemesis Mr Rosler, Leeds Utd finishing fourth and qualifying for Champions League. More evidence as far as I am concerned that Nemesis is a very good tactic. My biggest problem has been keeping players happy. Thanks again.
  10. I'm doing pretty well with Leeds. Just completed 19/20 finished 6th in the league. Nemesis is a good tactic but just part of what will make a successful team. I find moral is very important and trying to keep players happy is difficult on FM15. Most of my players will at some point during the season look for a move away. I have also had to rebuild the team each year when players have left.
  11. Mr Rosler and everyone else massive improvement since switching to Nemesis. IF you recall last season I barely survived and a poor start would have meant the sack. Finished 2019/2020 in 6th position. Great tactic. I won't bore you with all the stats and results but if anyone is interested I would be happy to report back anything in particular. Massive thanks Mr Rosler
  12. @Mr U Rosler Just passed Christmas 2019/20 season. So far Nemesis is looking much, much better for me. Will report back with the final season result when I get there. But yes looking very good.
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