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  1. I'm sure it differs from team to team, but there are plenty of GMs in the NHL that have virtually full control over staff, lineups and signings when it comes to the affiliated teams.
  2. As a GM for a NHL team I'd like to have full control over roster and staff decisions with the AHL/ECHL affiliates.
  3. That was my most used button in FMRTE. Should consider adding one that heals every player at the club, would be awesome!
  4. What? Have they really made it impossible to create a new version of FMRTE for BraCa? If that is the case, then I've probably bought my last copy...
  5. Hey, does anyone know how you roll-back patches with steam? Can you even do it? I want to play with 11.1, not 11.1.1. And yes, I've turned off auto update now
  6. someone please upload, fmrte.com is down.
  7. It wasn't possible with FM 08, so I wouldn't think it's possible now either.
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