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  1. -9 kids are random and different in each save. Shouldn’t them be ruled out when we talk about ‘must buy’?
  2. I’m at the beginning week in my save, will try this out. Thx a lot mate.
  3. Sancho is a total bargain with the deal you made in the first window. How did you manage to achieve that?
  4. Seems the player exchange bug was fixed in 19.3x now. Lallana's sell value is realistic so far in my experiments.
  5. Season one report, using 3 cbs tweak. Suarez's amazing plays STR in this formation,
  6. The tactic is 50-50, but the 'short option' attacking corner setup is absolutly amazing, ENGINE-BROKEN, I'd rather say. Nice job!
  7. Almost half a season, my Liverpool rocks with the three CBs' tweak. Here are some screen shots,
  8. Name: Francisco Cersosimo Staff Role: Coach, GK Coach etc. Rating: 4.5* in GK Coaching, 4* in all other Nationality: Brazil Club: Bahia Compensation: 68.8K Good for?: Mr One-for-All
  9. Name: Marcel Lucassen Staff Role: Coach etc. Rating: 4.5* Nationality: Nethelands Club: Free Agent Compensation: 0 Good for?: Ball Control
  10. Can't stand Mignolet's performance anymore, Ter Stegen or Akinfeev? Need advices please. Ter Stegen was a bit butter-handed while AI playing him in fm13, don't know if it has been changed in 14?
  11. Meulemsteen went for Anji in real life, maybe it got updated in the new patch?
  12. Agree with Johnson, but Agger is not at the same level, in the game I mean. Too much injury Agger takes as a CB.
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