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  1. Thank you so much for this tactic. In my first season with Liverpool and its been doing wonders. Results
  2. $tsk

    How are you doing?

    1. Liverpool 2. database 10.2, currently on 10.3 3. 2017 4. 7 EPL's, 1 Euro cup, 3 FA cup's, 1 EU Supercup, 3 League cups, 5 CS shields, doing great with them, just got a new stadium named after me
  3. Mexico beat USA on mine..
  4. In my game, Luis Figo took control over Inter...
  5. $tsk

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    I have nothing to say other than...... ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!
  6. $tsk

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    I think my player got the swine Flu :confused:
  7. $tsk

    Very strange

    actually this happens a lot with my keepers when i put the 'all out attack' mentality in the last few minutes
  8. just a quick question about the second one, so does it keep charging the same for every league game, even after 5 years? thanks
  9. $tsk

    Local Team

    My local team is TFC (Toronto), never tried them, maybe i will when the patch comes out
  10. I find this very interesting as i always wondered how the reputation works thanks for the experiment and waiting for the other leagues
  11. Never worked for me in 08 or 09, but used to work in 07
  12. you know what, before appealing, check how the ref did in the game, and sometimes it says he favoured the other team appeal and try your luck