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  1. Tried numerous ways to fix this issue: subscribed>started the game; unsubscribed>subscribed>restarted steam>started the game; unsubscribed>restarted steam>subscribed>started the game; deleted add_ons; cleared game cache(ingame); verified integrity of game cache(steam). I tried with views, tactics, filters and shortlists. Only 1 item (a filter) got somehow downloaded. The other files I subscribe to, simply do not get downloaded. Yes, I am using FM2016 Workshop not FM15's. Any workaround?
  2. Couldn't post everything here so I used pastebin: http://pastebin.com/gKdZqFEM
  3. I was checking both during a match and during processing time. I switched back to windows mode. It was unbearable for me to make a substitution during a match, it was really slow, I mean I'm used to having a smooth effect while I do things.
  4. I've been playing FM since I bought it on Windowed mode. I've decided to start playing it in Fullscreen mode just to be more focused ingame instead of doing other stuff in the meantime. By chance, while I was measuring CPU temperatures, I noticed that in Fullscreen mode only one core works (50% cpu utilization; I have i5-4200M). Is this normal? Can this be changed?
  5. How can I make my ML/R to cut inside via player instructions? And if he does possess cut inside, is he going to do that in those positions?
  6. I've got a HP ProBook 450G1 with a similar processor i5-4200M and an ATi 8750 which is a bit worse than the 840M. Mine has only 1366x768 screen but FM14 works awesome I load around 45-50000 players and play on Medium graphics just because I want it smoother but even on Very High it works fine (when you set automatically, it sets itself as Very High). I'm very satisfied with HP, didn't have any issues until now. I posted it just for performance comparison so you would know what to expect.
  7. One off-topic thingy: Regarding finances in the Netherlands, sometimes because of the prolonged relegation playoffs, the money you get for your placement in Eredivisie is given to you in the calculations for next season. Also the TV money from CL is included in next season (given to you after CL final) even though it is earned in the current season. I also missed out on some sponsorship money where it was clearly stated I will get ~4.6M euro but I got only ~3M euro (checked both current (next) and previous (current) season's turnover). Some of the money I should have got was for a new 1 year sponsorship contract for European competition. I think the problem lies in that the finances or budget for the next season is reset/calculated BEFORE relegation playoffs and CL final are played. I don't know about Europa League but the final is usually before CL final so maybe it doesn't make any problem. This issue has costed me some transfer/wage money because we finish the season in red and the trasfer/wage budgets are given to you for next season while if you got your CL TV money and Eredivisie placement money, you would have been way more in green. The solution should be moving the date for resetting/calculating budget after all competitions where a Holland team can play are over.
  8. I was always interested to know if this would happen, didn't test it yet. 1. If a wide player (AMR/L) has a PPM Move into Channels, will he move into channels dragging a DR/L with him and opening space for the running WB/a? Doesn't his player instructions restrict this movement? 2. Or is this what Cut Inside does on a IF/Support role? 3. Or Cut Inside works with the ball and Move Into Channels without the ball? 4. Will an AMR/L that has both PPMs do both things, with the ball (Cut Inside) and without the ball (Move Into Channels)? If the last one is yes then we can create a really great attacking 4-2-3-1 system where both AMR and AML with both PPMs will be supported by WB/a or CWB/a (I tend not to use them because of their tendency to drift inside).
  9. I could be good but it could be bad as well. It depends on your defenders' attributes and against whom they'll play. If your defenders aren't fast enough it could be a bad idea. For example around 13 for both Marking and Acceleration is fine but they would still have trouble against some of Championship's pacey wingers who have 16+ in Acc/Pace. If you use a DC-d/DC-c combo, the cover guy should not have tight marking.
  10. I think you've done great by returning to your 4-2-3-1. I like the Support/Attack combo on the wings. If your side backs are good attacking wing backs and have at least 10 flair you can even try them with the CWB-a roles. Rabiot was great for me as a DLP-d, partnering him with a CM-s would be interesting in my opinion both should be good defensively and add mark tighter PI on both. I can't check now if Duncan is a true destroyer but if he is a weak passer and has at least 10 off the ball you can add the Shorter Passing PI. If he is bad going forward, try Lowe as a CM-s. I would also advise you to try with AP-a behind your striker and then you can either leave Rhodes AF-a or use him as CF-s. Defensively you can try using a CD-d & CD-c combo where CD-c will be behind the CM-s. After the last patch I've been conceding a lot of goals so I always leave Defensive Positioning in Match Training after the tactics are learned fully. I use the maximum match training notch and compensate with High Balanced general training.
  11. For head physios and head scouts I look for Man Management besides Phy/JPA+JPP, Motivating, Determination, Discipline and Adaptability if he's a foreigner.
  12. Bought the great Mackay-Steven and Cresswell, didn't sell anyone. Forest have a great squad. With a decent tactic you'll have no problem getting into the Premier League. But you'll need some good players to stay up. Can't wait for the new patch with better player ratings because even though we were so dominant, none of my players won some awards not even top 3 in the monthly awards.
  13. But Schalke is a good team, we are probably the 2nd or 3rd best team in the league. So I wanted to play a counter attacking tactic which is generally attacking. I will try without the shouts you wrote and we'll see how it goes.
  14. The tactic I made for Schalke: fluid+control (cwb-a,cd-d,cd-d,fb-d ; cm-d, dlp-s ; if-s, ss-a, w-a ; tm-s) with instructions Retain Possession, Shorter Passing, Pass into Space, Play Out of Defence, Float Crosses, Look for Overlap, Play Wider, Push Higher Up, Roam from Positions, Hassle Opponents, Use Tight Marking & Lower Tempo works pretty well at home with some big wins (4-0 against Leverkusen and Wolfsburg) but away from home we are desperate. My home record is 8-3-1 while away record 4-1-7. I tried to play away with fluid+counter with DM (Anchor) instead of my AM (SS) and one of the CMs - CM-a with Retain Possession, Pass into Space, Play Out of Defence, Float Crosses, Run at Defense, Play Wider, Roam from Positions & Higher Tempo and still we can't beat anyone. It would be great to hear some thoughts about what do I do wrong.
  15. I sold Benteke after my first season for 30 million euro to City.
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