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  1. how did you do that? having the same problem and have tried the suggested solution but no luck
  2. Great patch really glad game breaking bugs like the fullbacks are fixed I can live with anything else. Much much better game now. A patch is suppose to make a game better and that's what this did. Can't use custom skins but that's not a game breaker. Good patch
  3. I've seen this happen too often thought it was because I'm playing LLM and the crosses too.
  4. Just got promoted with my Team. I don't know how but we did the league is inconsistent so anything can happen I can't sign my best player to a new contract but a flexible wage budget means can replace him. I love the game at the moment crossing is still killing me but I guess my defense is horrible. My 4411 was great but need to improve . I don't know how I got promoted we were predicted to finish 11th and my team is terrible. I'm glad someone mentioned how to get the list of free agents.
  5. I was going to wait till release day but keeping an eye on this incase gamekeys get stock!
  6. starting in sweden. 2nd division jönköping södra. Move after i win the domestic league.
  7. so rivalry wont still develop? This makes playing with lower league team always unrealistic when you bring in a team from skrill premier to premier league and you never have a derby game.
  8. Question, i sold a young player to FC Bayern and they loaned him back to me. is that allowed?
  9. well its more challenging i will manage with the squad. I started in sweden by the way. managing Jönköping södra as I live there now and actually meet some of the players in my gym.
  10. I started this challenge but haven't posted my info. I run into the problem of not having enough players as they were signed by other teams for free in my first season isn't there an exception to sign at most 1 player?
  11. I would sell with 20% profit on next sale. so you sell for 7m for now and if he does become a star and get transferred you get something too.
  12. i am a modern arsene wenger/tony pulis with a twist. aggressive on my players and sell any deadwood in the team. My team commit the most fouls and with the height in my team the media labelled my team bullish.
  13. The game is much smooth now. the ratings are looking good so far and players seem more intelligent
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