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  1. Knew SI shouldn't have got that second hand one from Real Madrid.
  2. Is there any compromising information about the groom to be you can 'share' with your sister?
  3. For the same reason they can use the English Premier League with the correct teams but not have available real fixtures, but the fully licenced Football League can.
  4. SI is a commercial business, using these results in a product sold for profit. Availability of information on the Internet is irrelevant.
  5. They either got a complaint from UEFA/FIFA or Sega's corporate lawyers said that this could result in legal issues.
  6. Fixtures and results would need an official license which SI doesn't have.
  7. OhHoopedOne - you aren't the first and you sure aren't going to be the last! There are only 2 databases. Football Manager (17.1.0) = Release database 17.3.0 = Winter transfer update 17.3.1 was a game update ONLY - there were no database changes at all. On a side note - Sports Interactive must change the naming of databases as this happens every single year. Name them 2017 Release and 2017 Winter, or after former football managers, or even Miles' pets/children/favourite food! Literally anything as long as it doesn't clash with the game naming versions.
  8. I am a big Paradox Interactive fan but to say they are free is misleading. Their patches are funded by lots and lots of expensive DLC. Crusader Kings 2, a 5 year old game, plus DLC packs (not including the 2 most recent DLC) is on special offer on Steam - 15% off at £178.65. If Paradox made Football Manager we would probably get only the English, German, Italian, French, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian playable leagues. Want the Spanish league? £20, facepacks - £1 a league, pre game editor - £4.
  9. Southampton had a Wes Morgan own goal ruled offside this weekend.
  10. Argelico ****s is the current manager of Vitoria in Brazil. When he signed to play for Benfica, Eurosport ran with the headline "****s off to Benfica."
  11. PAOK were deducted points as they did not show up to the second semi-final match against Olympiacos in last year's Greek Cup. I think points deductions are shown at the bottom of the league table screen.
  12. Be even better if it was John Thomas not Dean.
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