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  1. For the same reason they can use the English Premier League with the correct teams but not have available real fixtures, but the fully licenced Football League can.
  2. SI is a commercial business, using these results in a product sold for profit. Availability of information on the Internet is irrelevant.
  3. They either got a complaint from UEFA/FIFA or Sega's corporate lawyers said that this could result in legal issues.
  4. Fixtures and results would need an official license which SI doesn't have.
  5. Fm18 purchased

    You must speak to whoever you've bought the game from as they should have a record of your purchase.
  6. Players Outside Matchday Squad

    There are a maximum of 7 subs allowed in the Championship in real life.
  7. You would not be able to sign non-EU under 18 irrespective of work permit rules. FIFA rules only allow exemptions where both buying and selling club are in the EU as stated above.
  8. Alphabet rules in Champions Cup?

    Don't worry - this is a long way from the first time this has come up and won't be the last!
  9. Alphabet rules in Champions Cup?

    Okay it's exactly what I thought - it is a 3 way tie on 11 points. It is NOT only about your results with Atletico. It is the results in all games between Liverpool, Juventus, and Atletico. I'm guessing that you smashed Maccabi Tel Aviv (can already see a 6-1!) more than Atletico did and have lost out on goal difference.
  10. You can break cross play functionality at the start of the game on PC which allows you to have more leagues. But as you started on ipad then transferred to PC this isn't the issue.
  11. Okay that's strange. I was trying to troubleshoot if the problem was that your settings were incorrect on the PC file.
  12. Alphabet rules in Champions Cup?

    Just to check - as this issue comes up a lot - are you 100% sure that there are only 2 teams tied on points?
  13. Blank Fixture Page

    It looks like you have accidentally created a custom view and removed the scores and opponents. Click on the line that says "Copy of Fixtures" and select one of the default views "Fixtures" or "Goalscorers".
  14. How many leagues do you have active on your PC game?
  15. No option to request a new stadium.

    The exact date the Pirelli Stadium was built taken from the database is 1st July 2005 (it was in reality the 16th July). Therefore 20 years runs out at the end of the season.