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  1. It's technically possible for Euro 2020 to have 3 Division C teams competing in the Division A play-off. This is due to teams who qualify from the qualifiers not competing in the Playoff and the gaps being filled from the bottom up by teams not included in the playoffs. 20 teams qualify from the qualifying competition - if 11 out of 12 teams qualify from Division A and 9 out of 12 from Division B qualify it leaves the playoffs as follows: Division A Playoffs Division A12 vs Division C8 Division C6 vs Division C7 Division B Playoffs Division B10 vs Division C5 Division B11 vs Division B12 Division C Playoffs Division C1 vs Division C4 Division C2 vs Division C3
  2. No - beta is for digital copies only purchased from approved retailers.
  3. Knew SI shouldn't have got that second hand one from Real Madrid.
  4. Is there any compromising information about the groom to be you can 'share' with your sister?
  5. For the same reason they can use the English Premier League with the correct teams but not have available real fixtures, but the fully licenced Football League can.
  6. SI is a commercial business, using these results in a product sold for profit. Availability of information on the Internet is irrelevant.
  7. They either got a complaint from UEFA/FIFA or Sega's corporate lawyers said that this could result in legal issues.
  8. Fixtures and results would need an official license which SI doesn't have.
  9. You must speak to whoever you've bought the game from as they should have a record of your purchase.
  10. You would not be able to sign non-EU under 18 irrespective of work permit rules. FIFA rules only allow exemptions where both buying and selling club are in the EU as stated above.
  11. You can break cross play functionality at the start of the game on PC which allows you to have more leagues. But as you started on ipad then transferred to PC this isn't the issue.
  12. Okay that's strange. I was trying to troubleshoot if the problem was that your settings were incorrect on the PC file.
  13. How many leagues do you have active on your PC game?
  14. I had this happen before with a different Belarusian team (Bereza) on FM2014 and the affiliation got automatically cancelled after the end of the season, I didn't get promoted the first season but I won the league in the second season and got promoted.
  15. OhHoopedOne - you aren't the first and you sure aren't going to be the last! There are only 2 databases. Football Manager (17.1.0) = Release database 17.3.0 = Winter transfer update 17.3.1 was a game update ONLY - there were no database changes at all. On a side note - Sports Interactive must change the naming of databases as this happens every single year. Name them 2017 Release and 2017 Winter, or after former football managers, or even Miles' pets/children/favourite food! Literally anything as long as it doesn't clash with the game naming versions.
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