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  1. Worked a charm, amazing update, im going to have so much fun
  2. Quite a few duplicates in the database, also faces are all messed up even after clearing cache and reloading skin, also Nesta is a 24 year old coach? shouldnt he bee a player in the game
  3. Just download GZskin 8.2 but having a problem as i can seem to edit the players pic to make it bigger so it fits the the box its inside better, anyone able to help me with this, help would be appreciated
  4. No problem, thanks for replying, still looking forward to this amazing update
  5. Yes thats great, but im asking will you make faces in the style of the CUT OUT version
  6. Really looking forward to this, can i ask if your making a facepack to go with this update could you make all faces in the same style as the very popular cut out versions
  7. Try clearing cache then quit game, then restart game?
  8. what resolution are you using?
  9. Its ok now m8 ive sorted the facegens now, thanks for all your help im very happy now, back to my save.
  10. also look whats happened to the generated faces after them tweaks
  11. Ok ill delete them, but how do i amke the pics show in 240 by 240 then
  12. I cant see <!-- profile picture --> <widget class="client_object_profile_picture" id="prop" height="240" width="240" scale_picture="false" keep_aspect_ratio="true" image_alignment="top"> I get <!-- profile picture --> <widget class="client_object_profile_picture" id="prop" scale_picture="false" keep_aspect_ratio="true" image_alignment="centre_x,centre_y">
  13. cool thanks for your help, ive more or less edited myself now anyhow.... Happy days
  14. oh and i use 1920 by 1080 resolution