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  1. I've just defeated my closest rivals 3-0 with an emphatic performance. I would LOVE to click on to the opposition team and see their manager giving a post-match summing up. "I just don't know what happened out there today... My boys couldn't cope..." Value added? You betcha!
  2. Having now got acquainted with the 3D match engine, I can see how a set-piece creator is within reach. There is now a great opportunity for a 'sandpit' environment (i.e. the training pitch), where you can just get a few players and get them to pace through some set pieces. There could be preset 'classics', or you could customise. I think this would be *fairly* simple to apply and use, and would add a lot of value and depth to the game, especially users who like to be hands-on. I think it would be a great idea to be able to physically place players -- in 3D -- on the training pitch, where you would like them to be, without having to go through all that tedious 'sit on near post' list-based stuff.
  3. Football Manager 2009 trailer

    Was that not Milesy's voice at the start as one of the press men? "Are you sure this new striker is worth it"? Sounded like it to me...
  4. I love how the original 'grit' of this thread (i.e. ostensibly someguy reaching out and saying "Ooh, I'm all excited, don't keep me waiting") has so rapidly turned into a 'pearl' of anxiety and hand-wringing and disgruntlement with SI! I imagine there'll be an announcement in the next couple of weeks, a completed game indecently soon (say, end of October), and a data update/patch some time in February.