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  1. Uploaded Anarandil_Disc_IO_Error_2 from the 13th of january and the errors start at january 18th.
  2. Compressed Save, Save Saftley and rolling file with auto save every month. I loaded one of the back-up saves, two weeks before the error mesaages started to happen, and got the error messages at the same date again. I've not started any new save since but this save was started on the latest build and my old saves works fine. I don't know exactly how much disc space I had at the time, I've installed/uninstalled some stuff since, but I have 11 GB free now and I'd guess it was about the same before.
  3. Getting a couple different error massages: I've uploaded my save to the FTP, named Anarandil_Disc_IO_Error to the FM > game-save folder.
  4. And against Manchester United Rafa had Kuyt man marking Evra so it would probably make sense to move Hendo up to AMR aswell, especially against sides with good, influential, FBs/WBs on the left.
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