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  1. Finances seem to be a bit broken. Played the first season with transfers off, so expenditure beyond the starting level for my club, and yet profit is a good 80 million or so below the real life results. Turnover appears to be the main culprit coming out a good 80 million lower than the correct tv revenue amount (only 50 million at the end of the year for a top of the Premier league club).
  2. Some strange end of year awards since the new patch. Halfway through season 1 (Jan 2015) and Ribery wins the ballon d'or with Messi 2nd and Ronaldo 3rd. That's strange enough but then there's the world best XI which contains none of these three players. So FIFA somehow chose the three best players in the world, and then determined that they did not merit a place in the best team. Bit odd.
  3. Yeah I think I'm going to want to see an actual changelist because I'm still seeing about 2 or 3 cross to near post goals every game. It doesn't look like much has changed at all really.
  4. Yes I have this too. And no, the team workload is "average" and I have a large number of coaches, all training areas considered 4, 4.5 stars and coach workload light or average. No one has high workload and yet a good quarter of my Chelsea players are making this complaint. Definitely leaning towards bug right now.
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