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  1. Parkrun coming back is exciting. Might finally get a shirt before Christmas.
  2. Was looking at a half last year where you had half a cider every mile. That could be an interesting experience.
  3. Anyone have any recommendations for bright men's leggings? Thought I'd try and make people smile (or laugh at me) as I run past.
  4. Did my best ever parkrun in Cardiff after a number of ales and not much sleep. Maybe a sign of how poor my times normally are, than how good that one was.
  5. What do you call a dog that does magic? A labracadabrador
  6. Started doing Marcothon through December - 5k a day every day until the 25th. Not as exhausting as I expected it to be. Legs were a bit leaden this morning but still plodding on. Hopeful it might improve stamina for normal running for the new year. Last year got about ten days in and injured my knee, so already ahead of that.
  7. Quite like the Decathalon stuff as it's decent quality and not too expensive. Got a load of winter kit from More Mile (Start Fitness) around black Friday which was cheap and is great (especially the socks) so might be worth checking out.
  8. I guessed orange, but it was chocolate. I guessed peanut, but it was toffee. I guessed strawberry, but it was coffee. I was wrong on so many Revels.
  9. What's Beethoven's favorite fruit? Ba-na-na-na
  10. One thing that made a massive difference when I started doing it was warming up properly, then cooling down afterwards. You're probably already doing that, but just in case.
  11. Gait analysis is always a good place to start, they should be able recommend shoes and maybe insoles. Might be a little expensive to start with, but you can just rebuy the same shoes next time. Good luck with C25K!
  12. I'm in Cornwall. It's a shared ownership property (£100k for the share) so think that complicates it and makes it slightly more expensive, but the difference seems incredible. My guess is the £3500 really don't want the work, or the others are massively underestimating and will produce a load of hidden costs,
  13. Looking to buy for the first time, the conveyancing fees vary so much. Had firms quoting £1200, and others quoting over £3500. Seems like there's no logic to it.
  14. Haven't posted here in forever. Started running around January last year and got a London Marathon place this year. Obviously that hasn't happened, but at the moment it's scheduled for October and they seem to be keen to run it then. Not confident that's a great idea, and haven't really been training for it since it was postponed. Surprising how much I relied on Parkrun to get me out of bed on a Saturday.
  15. Is this the first year there's no HHH match at WM? Even if the event was going on as normal there wasn't a build to anything.
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