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  1. ConfusedClarity seanydude JDownie bazaod ssestig darren1983 TM Plumble Gizzyspop Andrew Merrymiller Astafjevs Higgzy help!!! Skybluedave HopOnBaby craigcwwe Jehrome Barry Cartman Steff MattieCoopz roykela RickyButton Nadessico Jose hilly_boro Steffers brez22 Marvin Glenn Wakeford Lucas Weatherby PaulHartman71 Carmi88 BamaZeus Cardiovascular Budtheweiser Mackdaddy-D DeafParrot SRL88 Man_Utd_Fan
  2. Nah, don't think it was supposed to. Seeing as Rock immediately rock bottomed him after it happened.
  3. Seeing Cena's won, which has probably put me off wwe from now on. I guess the Rock will win, which sets up Cena vs Rock 2. Hope that isn't the case here.
  4. The Royal Rumble Sweepstake: ConfusedClarity ssestig SRL88 Nadessico darren1983 av3ry Carmi88 Recky_D TM Gooders86 Andrew roykela jonahno6 STFC will rule again Sayengwar bazaod Plumble Astafjevs JDownie Pukey LRJ Seanydude Man_Utd_Fan
  5. Yeah, I've nearly done that quest. But I'm having much difficulty with the battle you do towards the end of the quest. Very frustrating
  6. I don't watch wwe much anymore. But when i do watch it, it's always awful
  7. I'll probably stay up and watch this. I don't think this PPV will be any good, hopefully I'm wrong
  8. Can i get added to the whitelist, please?
  9. Yeah, i got to be up at 9, but i'm still going to watch it. First ppv I've been looking forward to in a while.
  10. I have just watched this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCpdBoqLJ68 WTF:D
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