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  1. Getting Valero for 11 Million, happy with that. Not happy with everyone bidding for Juanmi How much did you get Muniain for?
  2. I recommend him. Got him for 975k for my Malaga side, and he can play as a centre back
  3. Started a save with Malaga. It looks like it's going to be a lot of fun! Trying to sign Borja Valero and some defenders and some youth players.
  4. ****ing hell. That's ridiculous The Espn commentator seems angry about that:D
  5. September Update Premier League Liverpool 1 (Suarez 6) Tottenham 2 (VDV 4, Modric 11) Champions League Tottenham 3 (Lennon 9, 38, Lukaku 73) Lyon 1 (Gourcuff 41) Premier League Tottenham 1 (Modric 7) Arsenal 0 Sagna Sent off (61) League Cup 3rd round Tottenham 2 (Vaclav Kadlec 42, Chamberlain 84) Oldham 0 Premier League Blackpool 2 (Grandin 66, Charlie Adam 88) Tottenham 3 (Lennon 47, Lukaku 53, 56) No score at half time. Champions League FC Twente 0 Tottenham 3 (Lennon 2, Modric 12, Modric Pen 40) League Table http://s1200.photobucket.com/albums/bb333/lee20794/?action=view&current=Table.jpg Man City 19th:D Champions League Group Stage http://s1200.photobucket.com/albums/bb333/lee20794/?action=view&current=ChampionLeagueTable.jpg Summary A very good month for Tottenham. I am very pleased with my great start in the Champions League and i am pleased at winning every game in the league so far. Hopefully we can keep the good form going:thup: I would say Modric and Lennon have been my best players this month, Setting up goals as well as scoring them. Lukaku has been scoring everytime he has started, i am going to start him in games a bit more. My defense has been a bit better, i am happy at keeping a clean sheet against Arsenal. And my best performance so far is against FC Twente, it's the best i have seen my attack play. Crouch links up well with my midfield in a 4-5-1 formation.
  6. Update I am in September now and this is how i am getting on in my Tottenham save. Transfers http://s1200.photobucket.com/albums/bb333/lee20794/?action=view&current=Tottenhamtransfers2.jpg I am happy with my transfers, as you can see i am bringing in loads of young talented players in. The only thing i want is a world class striker. I am going to sell Pav in the next transfer window, if i get a good offer for him. And i will be looking to sell King and Gallas at the end of the season, and to bring in Phil Jones because he looks very good. I have failed to get a work permit for Sime Vrsaljka, so i will try again at the end of the season. and like i said before i am getting Mateo Kovacic when he is 18. He looks like he is going to be world class. Friendlies Burton 0 Tottenham 5 (Defoe 5, 10, King 14, Pavlyuchenko 59, Lukaku 74) Partizan 0 Tottenham 5 (Crouch 15, Lukaku 38, 85, Defoe 45, Kranjcar 69) Charlton 0 Tottenham 5 (Bale 5, Dawson 35, Defoe 56, Kaboul 76, Lennon 81) I am very pleased with the friendlies not only did we not concede a goal, we scored 15 in three matches. Time the Premiership and the Champions League! Premier League; Tottenham 2 (Modric 25, Defoe 53) Fulham 1 (Dempsey 82) Champions League best placed playoff leg 1; Tottenham 3 (Modric 14, Dawson 20, Bale 64) Auxerre 2 (Birsa 25, Anthony Le Tallec 74) Premier League; Man City 1 (Yaya Toure 92) Tottenham 3 (Lennon 22, Bale 29, Lukaku 43) Champions League best placed playoff leg 2; Auxerre 1(3) (Birsa 27) Tottenham 1(4) (Ndinga og) Premier League; Tottenham 2 (King 35, Bale 47) Bolton 0 My goal of the month A very brilliant free kick by Bale. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5L6iwPqXylA Not even in the list for August goal of the month:mad: Champions League group I have been drawn with Barcelona, Lyon, and Twente. Summary I am happy so far, my attack look good with everyone chipping in with the goals. But i think my defence is going to need sorting out, if i want to win the Premiership and the Champions League. Bale has been my best player so far, Modric has been my 2nd best player. Vdv is annoying me, i just cant get the best out of him. he has been average. I was worried that i was going to get knocked out by Auxerre, but thankfully it did not happen and my attack was to good for them. And i am looking forward to playing in the Champions League it looks very hard, but it looks very fun too
  7. Wow good deal for Jenas:D I am going to see if i can sell him for that much, and to use that money to bring in Casemiro. I had him on my Stoke save and he turned out brilliant. EDIT: Yep! I have just sold Jenas to Man City for 9.25m.
  8. I have just started a game with Tottenham. I am looking forward to start playing in the League and the Champions League. It looks like it will be a very fun save:thup: I have nearly done my transfers, here it is so far. http://i1200.photobucket.com/albums/bb333/lee20794/Tottenham.jpg And i am trying to get Croatia fullback Sime Vrsaljka, and i am getting Mateo Kovacic when he is 18. He is also from Croatia. I realize that i will have to many defenders and i will have to sell some. But i don't know who to sell yet:confused: So i will start selling players in the next transfer window. so i will have time to see who is in my plans and who isn't. I will be posting updates.
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