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  1. man_utd_fan

    FM12: Málaga Club de Fútbol - Barça & Real? Who?

    Getting Valero for 11 Million, happy with that. Not happy with everyone bidding for Juanmi How much did you get Muniain for?
  2. I recommend him. Got him for 975k for my Malaga side, and he can play as a centre back
  3. man_utd_fan

    FM12: Málaga Club de Fútbol - Barça & Real? Who?

    Started a save with Malaga. It looks like it's going to be a lot of fun! Trying to sign Borja Valero and some defenders and some youth players.
  4. man_utd_fan


    Same here, can't get the best out of him. He misses chance after chance. Quite a frustrating player for me.
  5. ****ing hell. That's ridiculous The Espn commentator seems angry about that:D
  6. man_utd_fan

    Football manager 2012, No bugs?

    Why do you always try to start arguments with people that bad mouth the game, all of the time?
  7. CM 01/02 on the Xbox. After that i started playing Football Manager 2007.
  8. man_utd_fan

    FM 11: OFFICIAL AFC Wimbledon

    I'm going to start a save with Wimbledon later:thup: I have never managed in the Conference before. So this should be a interesting and hopefully fun challenge.
  9. Because he was one of Feyenoords best players at a very young age. He should be improved a lot.
  10. On the demo it will be Man United. And I'm thinking of managing Malaga
  11. Good work:thup: Phil Jones is brilliant. How much did you sign him for? I always try to get him on every save.
  12. Ramsey played his first match for me. He came on as a 67 minute sub, and he scored:D I can't get the best out of Fabregas. What role do you think he plays best at?
  13. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juan_Manuel_Vargas Is that him:)? I've been trying to get him on my save.
  14. I'm going to give this a try later today. Thanks:thup: