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  1. So today was the day I finally packed in Football Manager. I have no idea if it's for good, or temporary, but there's no way I will be returning this year, and probably not the first half of 2020. By that point, I may have forgot about it all together. For this to happen twice this year is poor. It's clear from day one that it was affecting machines that were retina based yet you still continued to ask for system reports, etc. I have played the game for years, as the age of my bio will demonstrate, and never have I felt so disengaged with yourselves. You may laugh and think this is an overreaction, but for someone who works an insanely stressful job during opposite waking hours to family and friends, I need a release, and football manager has always been the perfect tonic. I may only be one customer, but I am one customer who has bought every edition since 2005 yet won't be buying 2020. Don't take your customers for granted, it's a slippery slope when you do.
  2. For the second time this edition, I am having problems playing on my Mac post update. Is there anything going on or an estimated time as to when it will be sorted? It's borderline ridiculous that this has happened not once, but twice. Thanks.
  3. If it worries you, try something different. For you to ask, it must be nagging you a tad.
  4. For example, Dolberg would have been 5* potential at age 20, but in my save he has spent 5 years rotting at PSG, he has played 9 games in 5 years and now his potential and ability is 2*'s. Can you revive his career and will he be able to hit the heights once expected of him? This doesn't just apply to Dolberg, can any player, who has rotted for a few years reach what was once expected of them in the right environment?
  5. Hello, since the hot fix came out, my FM won't play. It just says 'update queued' and won't progress no matter what I do. I've cleared the download cache and also changed the download region. Has anyone got any tips on how to fix this? Many thanks.
  6. Hi all, Just bought fm18, can't wait to get started. However, I'm having problems with my view, it keeps changing whenever I change screen and it's driving me mad. Please see the images. Does anyone have any suggestions how to lock them? Many thanks. Before After
  7. I'd imagine so but I would still like to retain a sense of 'realism' despite everything. I suppose this will be my last option.
  8. Hi all, I have just had to purchase the in game editor for the first time ever (ugh) as brexit has completely destroyed my game. Anyway, just a quick question, how can one use the in game editor to add a work permit to an individual relatively quickly? Many thanks.
  9. You have not selected eligible players and can only click ok.
  10. Neither works and I can't progress.
  11. 2019 I have a Club World Cup game but I can't pick any players as they aren't registered and there is absolutely no way to register my players and progress my game? I've exhausted everything searching for registration but I can't see anything.
  12. Thanks for the response but I am confused. The game has definitely changed for me since Brexit. I'm no longer getting work permits for young players, players I'd usually get a permit for aren't arriving and I can't offer new contracts to current players, which simply put is just daft. My main concern is Grujic, how can I change this?
  13. Hi, I'm Liverpool and I've sunk a good 50 or so hours into this save game, over 500 this edition of FM whilst balancing my degree and job, needless to say I love it. However I've just had a Brexit and a points system for work permit has been employed counting only the top 50 nations... What sort of Brexit is this? Second question: Marko Grujic has been a key player for me, yet Serbia are only 59th in the world rankings. He plays for them and plays for me consistently, yet his contract runs out next year. I tried offering him a new one and it has been turned down for work permit issues, am I going to lose only of my best players on a free because of a ridiculous in game decision? I'm all for new innovative ideas to improve the game but this has been the one that has irritated me the most, especially considering that a GE is on the horizon and Brexit and the negotiations aren't set in stone. It would have been a nice edition in a later game but not so soon. I'm sadly going to have to quit this save if there is no means of overturning this or tying my players down to contracts.
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