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  1. Then again - it cannot create/add new surname to database. It only can use existing ones.
  2. The official ingame editor? Because if you're not talking about official - then no, you can't do that. Only switch names.
  3. Topic change: ...(season already started) Hi! Is there a way (any way) to add specific name (surname) to existing database so i can use it to change my player's name? For example, i want my player's name was John Qwerty, obviously, there's no "Qwerty" in database, so i need to add it. How? I don't want to set the "common name".
  4. I see they havent.... Why is it that a game with 20-year history does not have a single, most important element of football ?
  5. Have FM 2013 players learned how to dribble (like tricks, feints etc)? Or they still can only run near/past other players ?
  6. I'm afraid im several years in my game, so i need to try using fmrte to achieve this Currently im playing with 2 main leagues + lower league and i just want to lower league team promote to second league (named first division). Ok, im gonna push the reputation a bit higher and hope for miracle at the end of season. Thanks.
  7. Hi. I would like to see my favourite lower league team to promote to playable division. Using FMRTE i've changed its reputation, players CA, finances and some other elements to match top of first division or even highest division standards, but after end of season other teams (less reputable) has been promoted. Is it completely random or maybe partially random, picking from the most reputable available teams? Is there a way to help any team to promote from lower league to playable one?
  8. There is no such thing like "undo" and "redo" new features. He can simply work on previous build, leaving new one intact.
  9. I think most of us would prefer updating FMRTE to 12.1 than new features...
  10. My advice is to wait for updated version And disable auto updates in steam.
  11. same here - wrong date.. By the way, we definitely need more competition in real time (or even save game) editors... I fear to even think that some day FMRTE is abandoned...
  12. When will first patch arrive ? No seriously, when?
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