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  1. I've just realised that my post pinged everyone waiting for the OP's recreation. Sorry all! We want the wide player to appear at the back post, so a little narrowing is necessary. I know that an IW does a lot better at holding width than an IF. I'm currently using wingers, but that's to try and prevent a "left winger dribbles into the right half-space" type of behaviour. This can be very effective, but not what we want here. I've not really used WTMs so I can't compare them to W and IWs. If we had the old "target man supply -> To feet" option, it could work. WTMs don't have "drib
  2. Great read! After all the analysis, I'm extremely interested in what your recreation will look like. I'm going to have a guess, based on what you've written, as a bit of fun & as a test to help me understand the ME, and also to get the ideas out of my head. Roles and duties: AMR & AML will be IW/S or W/S, stay wider PI. Need to keep the width. AM slot so the start higher, Support role to drop deep and play in the CMs. MLC and MRC will be MEZ/A or CM/A. Lots of penetrating runs - from both of them. CM slot so they start deeper and run forwards. DM will be D
  3. You can definitely have a libero with a DCR but not a DCL, but I wouldn't recommend it. Going back to the initial 3 across the back idea with DL---DC---DR. I had some decent play setting the DL and DR to FB/D, FB/S and FB/S (hold position PI). All had the Sit narrower PI. Since I don't have the time to play seasons, I play one game on Full highlights when I look at tactics so I haven't results to show, but they were better defensively and taking up better positions than IWB/D. If @crusadertsar and others are still looking at this, then they might want to give it a try if they're not
  4. Random thought while trying to get to sleep... Has anyone considered an asymmetric back line with a libero? DL/IWB-D -------- DC/L-A --- DRC/BPD --- DR/WB-D This might get the 1-3 shape in attack, but the roles of the fullbacks might need tweaking.
  5. Nice idea, but you're missing a player Edit: and having an offset DM breaks the IWBs
  6. I believe you have AoC and AoMH the wrong way around here. These posts are a wonderful description of positional play. It's the first time I've really seen the distinction made between static players to hold width and depth (AoC) and mobile players to create local superiority (AoMH), and how these two combine. I may actually understand JdP now. In the past I've made tactics with no overloads and lots to width (and players in the half spaces), and I've made tactics with lots of overloads and no width, such as a flank with IWB and IF. After reading your post, I can understand how to th
  7. This is probably one for the training/SI gurus such as @Seb Wassell. I'm trying to understand priority and coaches attention in the training section. I've read the manual and the two pinned threads (well, the first few posts, not all them). It's been hard work. My team has 100% priority in a team session, but my primary unit only receives 60% in a unit session. Does this mean a player in the primary unit during unit training receives less training that anyone in a team session? The question about team vs unit training generally, but I'll illustrate with an example. I'm going to
  8. And every word is worthwhile. In one of your earlier tactics you were using a Trequartista in the CF slot. I think you had IW on either side and a lack of cutting edge up front, so you replaced him with a pressing forward. Did you consider using the Treqartista instead of the False 9? Now he'll have a strike partner in the DLF and also penetrating runs from the Mezalla.
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