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  1. Haven't been able to play/trust my laptop in a week now. Been repeatedly freezing up so completely that I have to do a hard reboot; finally broke down and took it to the repair shop Monday. :thdn:

    And 2 weeks later I have it back, after they claim they couldn't find a problem. Connections were fine, no evidence of wear on the hard drive, no error messages, nothing.

    Didn't freeze up on the first night back, so maybe it actually is resolved now.

  2. I got offered a new contract at the end of the season, which I accepted on the condition that they built a new stadium. It will be in the planning stage for about a year, so I'm going to stick around and see what comes of that.

    Seeing if it's named Dafuge Stadium? ;)

  3. Guttmann said Benfica would not win another european cup (which was the CL at the time) for the next 100 years. So if we consider EL winners as european champions of some kind then it did break the curse :)

    Probably depends on the wording. I've seen some places claim he said they wouldn't be "European champion", which could be just the CL and which Benfica had just won when he cursed them. (the predecessor of the UEFA Cup/Europa League, the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, did exist at the time he made the curse, as did the Cup Winners Cup)

  4. Thanks noikeee :thup:. Had a close call with this save due to a poorly laptop which resulted in no laptop or FM for a few weeks and a reinstalled hard drive :(. Luckily though, I backed up the save on the cloud :D so I'll be able to get back on this :D *Phew...panic averted!

    Must be that time of year. My laptop is in the shop right now for locking up to the point I have to do a hard reboot.

    I'm hoping it's just a case of it's been overheating.

  5. Well done winning the cup Jason.

    Cheers :thup:

    Wow, that was a great second half of the season, really much better, congrats on the cup. Did you change things tactically, or it all just clicked out of nowhere?

    A minor tweak tactically helped (I'd had everyone in the back four on "defensive" mentality, but changed that to "support" to get some better link play down the flanks; our BWM MC's mentality was changed from "support" to "defensive" to keep things sturdy in the middle), but I think going 2-1-1 before the split also aided morale as did not getting TNS until late in the split; drawing weaker teams in the cup gave us good opportunities to win as well.

  6. I've been watching my reputation closely and it's finally gone up from 10% to 15% ( :D ), so I don't think it's impossible to get a decent job elsewhere. But I don't want to jump around carelessly and not have the time to build something, it would feel like I'm resetting my progress back to zero... I really wanted for this club to be the place I finally achieve a promotion. It's been 9 seasons without any achievements now really.

    My rep is still at 5% even with a cup win. :D

  7. What a turnaround that was!!...Well done for making the Europa League...here's hoping you can get a nice draw and make some moolah.

    Helped by favorable draws in the cup (Llandudno were the only top-6 team we played), but you can only beat who's in front of you. :thup:

  8. Sunday, 13 May, 2018

    Bangor City 2-2p Airbus UK (European Places Playoff Semi Final)

    Airbus UK win 5-4 on penalties

    So fresh off the high of winning the cup, can pick ourselves up for this? We're without Gavin Whitmore for this, off with one of the national youth teams. So we have to call up a U19 player who hasn't seeing any first team action this season. It wasn't the goalfest of previous meetings, but it was another even game. Airbus took the lead in the 25th minute when their forward left Leon Clowes searching for his jockstrap. We were back on level terms in the 32nd minute from a greasy goal, when Sion Edwards was the beneficiary of a goalmouth scramble. It stayed 1-1 until the 67th minute when Damien Allen played Yora Enzam through for a close range finish. But just as I was thinking we'd get through this Airbus equalized in the 75th minute when my goalkeeper parried a shot and there were about 3 Airbus players waiting to pounce; one of them did and my goalkeeper had no chance of making the save. Eventually it had to go to penalties, and Damien Allen's effort on the 5th kick was turned aside; our goalkeeper managed to get a hand to Airbus' 5th effort but couldn't keep it out. And we're eliminated.

    I guess it's not all bad though:



    Port Talbot beat Airbus on penalties in the final. So it's us, Port Talbot and Llandudno in the Europa League.

  9. 6 April, 2018

    So right before the cup semifinal, the board decide it's a good time to talk contract renewal.


    It's a $50/week a raise. I'll gladly accept it.



    Saturday, 7 April, 2018

    Carmarthen 0-2 Bangor City (JD Welsh Cup Semifinal)

    Sleep-walking through most of the match, with some of our more senior members looking complacent in this one. We didn't score until the 78th minute when Damien Allen pounced on Yora Enzam's rebound and shot near post. We extended the advantage in the 83rd minute when Enzam (one of the complacent players) soared to head in a deep cross. WE'RE IN THE FINAL!

    And Llandudno beat TNS. We have a real chance to win this thing now.

    Saturday, 14 April, 2018

    TNS 5-2 Bangor City (Premier League Championship Conference)

    I'm still working on a 4-2-3-1 to counter TNS. It still needs work. Both goals came late when we were already down 5-0.

    Wednesday, 2 May, 2018

    Bangor City 3-1 Llandudno (Premier League Championship Conference)

    First of back-to-back meetings, wrapping up the league campaign early because of the cup final. We fell behind in the 8th minute to an unfortunate own goal, the ball rattling around on the goal line before touching right back Ryan Edwards and trickling into the goal. We then proceeded to cross Llandudno to death, equalizing in the 15th minute when Sion Edwards whipped in a cross that Damien Allen, making his 175th appearance for the club, charged in after to score at the near post. It was almost the mirror image in the 47th minute when Damien Allen shot wide from the top corner of the 6-yard box; just as I was shaking my head in disgust at the wayward shot, Sion Edwards came racing in from the left to volley at the near post. We finished it off in stoppage time as Scott Evans (in a rare substitute appearance) scored a header from point blank range off Sion Edwards' free kick. And with results going our way, we leapfrog Airbus for a 4th place finish. Which should mean we don't have play the quarterfinal in the European places playoff.


    Saturday, 5 May, 2018

    Bangor City 4-1 Llandudno (JD Welsh Cup Final)

    CHAMPIONS! I considered some changes, as we have a few players who "don't enjoy big matches." But I decided not to overthink things and named a mostly unchanged side (our left back on Wednesday was cup-tied, so had to sit). We came flying out of the blocks, with Yora Enzam receiving a cross in the penalty area, settling it down and shooting far post for a 5th minute goal. We doubled our advantage 2 minutes later when Ryan Edwards' cross was turned into the goal by a Llandudno defender. We kept our foot on the gas, and made it 3-0 in the 23rd minute when Iwan Ainsworth was left unmarked in the middle of the penalty area to receive a square ball from Enzam for a one-on-one opportunity. My halftime talk was focused on preventing any complacency from settling in. It worked, but we were unable to kill off the match until the 86th minute when Ainsworth split the Llandudno defense for another one-on-one with the goalkeeper. Llandudno got a consolation goal in stoppage time with a scorcher from distance. That was the only thing that marred the match, as we held them to just that one shot on target (they took 12 in total; we blocked 5 of them)







    HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW!? From the verge of getting sacked to cup winners.

    We still have the European Places Playoff. I don't know if we can improve where we start in the Europa League, but I'd sure like to find out.

  10. Saturday, 3 March, 2018

    Bangor City 1-3 TNS (Premier League Championship Conference)

    I decided to experiment with a 4-2-3-1 for this one. Why not, we're 0-1-8 against TNS in the life of this save. Well it didn't work out, (we were badly outplayed, losing possession 58-42; TNS took 27 shots and put 11 on target) but it was mainly set pieces that burned us. TNS' first goal came off a corner, where the shot took a deflection on the way in. Their second goal came when one of our center backs missed a header and allowed the forward a one-on-one opportunity. The third goal was also from a corner, where our defender marking the far post deflected a shot but right to a TNS attacker. Sion Edwards got our only goal (also our only shot on target) when he was played through and shot inside the far post to make it 1-2 as we were approaching halftime.

    Sadly, that means TNS have won the league, their second in a row.


    7 March, 2018

    It's youth intake day! Some highly touted prospects in there. Unfortunately, the top three all have "low determination."


    Saturday, 17 March, 2018

    Connah's Quay 0-2 Bangor City (Premier League Championship Conference)

    Back to our standard 4-4-2. We were a little disjointed at first, and the first goal in the 23rd minute was a bit fluky: Iwan Ainsworth dribbled into the box, where he had it tackled away, but the ball fell to Yora Enzam to shoot at goal as Connah's Quay were screaming for offside. The second goal, in the 48th minute, was liquid football: Gavin Whitmore to Sam Faulker to Iwan Ainsworth, who one touched it to Sion Edwards, who dribbled into the box and drew two defenders before squaring it to an unmarked Ainsworth for a "deftly executed finish from close range". But our best performer was centerback Leon Clowes, managing an 8.8 rating, aided by an insane 32 interceptions (he leads the league with 488 interceptions on the season, 29 ahead of his closest challenger), and 16-of-22 performance on headers (5 of them key)

    We also got this note:


    Not bad for a guy playing a defensive forward role.

    Saturday, 31 March, 2018

    Airbus UK 3-3 Bangor City (Premier League Championship Conference)

    Well our previous meeting had 9 goals, how many would this have? We fell behind in the 5th minute but got back on level terms in the 21st minute when Damien Allen played Yora Enzam through for a shot that clipped the underside of the bar on its way in. We took the lead from a 44th minute corner when Leon Clowes redirected Allen's wayward header, crossing back across the goal mouth. But they were back on level terms shortly before halftime when our goalkeeper flapped at a cross that found its way to Airbus' Steve Connor at the far post for a simple finish and his second goal of the match. Our attempts to keep Connor in check failed as he made it a hat trick in the 59th minute as we tackled away a cross into the penalty area, only for it to land at his feet for the close-range finish. But we managed to salvage a point in the 72nd minute as we kept a cross alive in the Airbus penalty area, and Enzam quickly reacted with a half-volley to beat the goalkeeper.


    So some good, some bad as we fill all the columns with a 1-1-1 month. We still have a chance to finish 3rd, but our next match is at TNS. So that'll probably be a loss. We close the season home against Llandudno, so realistically we're probably just hoping to hang on for 5th.

    But first, it's our cup semifinal match against Carmarthen.

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