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  1. Could probably have your coaching staff scrimmage the first team and they'd still win.
  2. If a mod would be so kind as to close the thread titled Minnesota Nice. Stupid computer dying.
  3. If a mod would be so kind as to change my thread title from It Continued In Africa to Ligurian Holiday it would be appreciated.
  4. Heh, spotted this one. Cadca were relegated from the Slovakian Second Division. They were 0-1-32. Even more impressively, they scored EIGHT goals all season. And conceded 104. Their lone point came in a 1-1 home draw against Lucenec (also relegated. Probably should have been automatically relegated at the final whistle ) They lost three matches 8-0. And one of those was immediately followed with a 7-0 loss. They had a run of 12 consecutive matches in which they didn't score. Now that is impressively terrible.
  5. Er, I didn't want the question mark on the title. I was just being grammatically correct there.
  6. Could a mod change the title of my thread from Pole-axed to It Continued in Africa?
  7. Holy christ. FA Cup at lower-league opposition. They go ahead after 15 minutes on (yet another) 25-yard screamer. We get the equalizer almost immediately with our first DFK goal in the 1+ year I've been at the club. Then we go ahead 5 minutes later. Second half we're looking comfortable, only for a 63rd minute shot to take a deflection off one of my players into our own net. So now it's 2-2 and we end up going to extra time. We go ahead almost straight from the kickoff, so we're up 3-2 in extra time. Then they equalize in the 112nd minute. Only for my players to summon up one last burst of energy to stick the eventual winner home in the 116th minute. So we win 4-3. A goal from a direct kick, an own goal, 3 goals in extra time. Match had a little bit of everything in it. One of those games that neither side deserves to lose, and you breathe a sigh of relief that you're on the positive side of the scoreline.
  8. All I can say is "unlucky." But if it were me, I'd probably be moping about it for the rest of the day.
  9. That career fell into the swamp. But I'm building another one now.
  10. Could a mod please close my "Have Football, Will Travel" thread? And could he hand me a rusty knife to castrate whomever it was that created the "Antivirus Live" virus/rogue security malware?
  11. And promptly go on an extended winless run right after.
  12. After a draw, the fans criticized one of my midfielders and said Joel Chianese "should have played instead." Chianese wasn't playing .... because he was suspended for yellow card accumulation. Fans.
  13. Put 6 goals past Gold Coast, all of them in the first half.
  14. Was mentioned as a possible candidate for the DC United job, but they decided to go for ... Alan Shearer.
  15. ARGH! Had a crash dump a day after a 5-1 away win in which my top forward bagged 4 goals. No autosave of it, and naturally replaying it ended up 0-0.
  16. Just beat my bogey team (only the 2nd time in 17 attempts) on a goal that was miles offside.
  17. From my career game, not involving me though. Stuart Pearce took over as England manager after South Africa '10. Lasted barely a year, replaced with Steve Bruce. ul, Englishers.
  18. Just discovered in the Transfer Rumors that I'm being linked with random American players.
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