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  1. All I can say is "unlucky." But if it were me, I'd probably be moping about it for the rest of the day.
  2. That career fell into the swamp. But I'm building another one now.
  3. Could a mod please close my "Have Football, Will Travel" thread? And could he hand me a rusty knife to castrate whomever it was that created the "Antivirus Live" virus/rogue security malware?
  4. And promptly go on an extended winless run right after.
  5. After a draw, the fans criticized one of my midfielders and said Joel Chianese "should have played instead." Chianese wasn't playing .... because he was suspended for yellow card accumulation. Fans.
  6. Put 6 goals past Gold Coast, all of them in the first half.
  7. Was mentioned as a possible candidate for the DC United job, but they decided to go for ... Alan Shearer.
  8. ARGH! Had a crash dump a day after a 5-1 away win in which my top forward bagged 4 goals. No autosave of it, and naturally replaying it ended up 0-0.
  9. Just beat my bogey team (only the 2nd time in 17 attempts) on a goal that was miles offside.
  10. From my career game, not involving me though. Stuart Pearce took over as England manager after South Africa '10. Lasted barely a year, replaced with Steve Bruce. ul, Englishers.
  11. Just discovered in the Transfer Rumors that I'm being linked with random American players.
  12. Didn't involve me, but I saw a Brazilian team go through 4 managers in 7 months. One of them lasted 6 days.
  13. Some of you lads really ought to go over to SI's new Football Forum on these very boards and chime in on the MLS thread. It says MLS in the subject line, but we talk about USL (mostly Timbers and Silverbacks because of posters from Portland and Atlanta) and the national team also.
  14. USL First Division USL Second Division J-League A Central American league (Costa Rica or Guatemala, probably) Remaining South American leagues Some more Africa leagues (Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, probably)
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