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  1. The good thing and the bad thing I found about managing in Sweden is it's a pretty even competition, nobody really runs away with it. So you're never really out of the title chase, but you can never feel like you're going to stroll to the title (or even European places)

  2. I had a contract in front of me to join CF Atlante of Mexico, and a blank slate to tweak my staff team as much as I wanted, but backed out in the final minute, after reading in Wikipedia that Atlante's a club that has been relocated quite a few times and therefore has a bit of an identity crisis! It's a bit of a crap emotional reason, but I don't think I'd enjoy myself as much knowing I was managing the Mexican MK Dons.

    It's not just Atlante. There's a tendency in Mexico to relocate clubs, or the relegated club buys the license of the promoted club and exchanges all the players and staff.

    A few years ago, La Piedad supporters saw their club win promotion to the top flight, and then go out of business. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C.F._La_Piedad

    Good luck in Austria, btw. It's one place I'd like to manage but have never landed a job there.

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