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  1. Gah!

    Trying to edit in the US second and third divisions, and the editor is throwing a fit.

    Trying to split the second division into its two conferences, and the editor keeps telling me "Minimum number of teams 11, found 0" when I've organized the league the same way as the lower developmental league (with teams assigned to the sub-division as opposed to the parent league) :mad:

  2. First match of the season, took my Cheonan City league side to Changwon City in the Korean N-League, and got a 1-1 draw. Were a little unlucky to be at 1-1 at halftime, and my goalkeeper was playing nervously. Told him I had faith in his ability, and he made some good saves to keep the door shut in the second half. Got our goal from a debutant striker, who picked up a second yellow in second-half injury time after a Changwon player appeared to take a dive near his own penalty area.

    And then after the match the Changwon City manager criticized my team saying it should try to shoot "instead of walking the ball into the net." So I responded that I'm not his biggest fan. :D

  3. What past experience did you start with? I went for semi-pro as sunday league was pretty hard to get a job on. I don't really load the lower tiers as the game starts to run too slow for me after a while.

    I started with Sunday League rep, and after a couple weeks have an offer from an N-League club.

  4. If you start unemployed and are not bothered where your first job is then set it to apply for any job and just holiday mode it with it set to stop when someone offers you a contract. It's how I do it as a 6-month wait for a first job does get boring.

    Cheers, I'll try that. :thup:

  5. Do you have Frank Ng's UAE league from FM10? I haven't tested that one yet since I'm still trying to change the Canadian and the American lower leagues.

    The only workaround I can think of atm is to delete the cup.

    Is there any bloody way to stop the editor from considering the USSF-D2 the 3rd division? Why is the PDL hardcoded in the game in the first place... (Jason please help :p)

    I don't know anything about editing leagues. I tried, but gave up pretty quickly. :D

  6. Why is TFC considered American in the game again?

    Think it has something to do with MLS being the US top division. Cardiff and Swansea are listed as English clubs.

    BTW, I haven't started a career game, is it possible to add in the media outlets and whatever after I start a game and add it in later? I'm mainly waiting for correct media outlets and real agents file and then I can start.

    Dunno. This is my first crack at editing.

    The good news is, the Toronto Star and Toronto Sun were represented in the pre- and post-match interviews. I'm still getting "A Journalist" listed though.

    Also getting the likes of the New York Times showing up at a Columbus-Toronto press conference. I have a pretty good guess as to why that's happening. (I've had all the US media outlets set to cover MLS, the US Open Cup, and CCL competitions. So I think that's why I'm getting that sort of thing)

  7. Hmmm. May need to do some extra work on the media edit.

    Nick Dasovic just got the TFC job, and at the press conference was fielding questions from "A Journalist" with Sports Illustrated, Soccer America, and the Washington Post, but none of the Canadian outlets.

    IIRC, SI lists TFC as an "American" club, but I set the Toronto newspapers to cover TFC. :/

    Wonder if I have to set them to cover United States in addition to Canada.

  8. Sounds good, I plan a decent MLS career at some point on FM11 so hope you are successful in making it all adds to the realism of the game.

    I now have:

    1. All newspapers in MLS ciities and their beat writers (it looks like the National Post and Globe and Mail, and Chicago Tribune do not have dedicated writers for TFC and Chicago Fire respectively, at least not that I could extrapolate from stories on their websites)

    2. Other non-newspaper sources: ESPN, Soccernet.com, FoxSoccer.com, Soccer America and Sports Illustrated. From them, I've added Alexi Lalas, Jen Chang, Steve Davis, Allen Hopkins, Jamie Trecker, Paul Gardner, Ridge Mahoney, and Grant Wahl.

    3. Plan to add the CBC and TSN as Canadian media sources. If rancer or other Canadians could let me know some of the personalities, I'll add in specific journalists for those media outlets as well.

    4. I will test out of the above edits in a game, and if it works then I'll probably end up adding some of the fanzines like Buzz Carrick and 3rdDegree.Net.

    5. If you have other media sources or personalities that I'm forgetting about (just remembered Glenn Davis myself), let me know.

  9. Just an FYI for folks in here, I'm taking my first crack at the editor.

    I can't figure out how to do the leagues, so instead I'm using my media background to try to put together an XML of US/Canada media sources. :D

    So far, I have the newspapers in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, and Toronto.

    Still working, and it may come to nothing, but figured I'd let folks in here know (especially rancer, for his next crack at TFC. ;) )

  10. Now that's what I like to see:

    The commitment of Al-Himriya to their causes was evidenced by the sheer number of shots they blocked. Time and again they put their bodies on the line for the good of the team.


    I suppose it depends on what side you were:

    Al-Himriya had luck on their side as they played out an entertaining Emirati First Division fixture against Al-Emirates

    A man of the match performance from Khalifa Abbas proved just enough to lighten a dull game during Al-Himriya's 1-0 Emirati First Division victory over Al-Emirates, according to the Al-Himriya Football Free Press


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