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  1. In the "wish list" thread in GQ, I said I wanted a "Popovich" tone for press conferences: "Tortorella" tone would be good, but I suppose you can already do that with assertive/aggressive:
  2. I'd settle for them allowing you pay for your own coaching badges, like your staff can.
  3. "Building Berlin" by winning the Bundesliga straight away.
  4. -180 in the transfer fund? Are they expecting you to kick in?
  5. I'd like press conferences to include "Popovich" tone: Seriously though, I'd like the stats screens on players to include greater detail. OK, so my central defender averages 9.6 interceptions per game; where does that place him in comparison to the rest of the division or (more to the point) the average defender in the division. Right now I have to go back between the player screen and the competition screen to try to figure it out, and even then I can only determine his absolute ranking, not whether it's better or worse than average. (or if that is possible, I haven't found it)
  6. I'm still freaked out about my laptop. But I deleted FM and redownloaded it, and it holidayed through almost a full year without any trouble, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Jesus, 2 years of unemployment. Bunch of idiots running these Scandinavian clubs.
  8. Think you'll go on to win. No European or cup commitments forcing you to rotate. Can just run your strongest XI out every game.
  9. Don't blow it! On the bright side, your defending looks pretty fearsome so you've got a good chance of nicking some more 0-0 draws.
  10. Maybe dafuge Arena is all terracing, and the expansion is converting it to an all-seater.
  11. This is going to be the year. Sometimes you have to lose to learn how to win. Or something.
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