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  1. guys what type of careers do you prefer reading. non league to champs league? Journeyman? or when people start with the big guns? Out of curiosity>

    I'm late answering this, but my preference is generally:

    1. Journeyman

    2. Non-league to Champs League




    Eleventyith. Start with the big guns.

    I suspect it's because my background is from LLM (and before that, CMC).

    I especially like reading the ones that start with a club outside England. Probably because the SI forums are, not surprisingly, tilted to beginning games in England, so starting with a non-English club is something different.

  2. Have cleared out my four whinging foreign players ("Respect mah authoritah!" :D). It's a strictly Chinese squad now (though that doesn't mean I wouldn't signed a very talented foreigner).

    Have 4 pre-season matches lined up against Super League sides (yes it's about the money), and so far we're 1-1-0 against them (beating Dalian Shide in the snow)

  3. Would be nice if SI could program it so players can see in-season changes.

    I took over Yanbian FC, who were predicted to finish 5th. My strongest centerback has just complained to me that we're underachieving and it's making him lose faith in me as a manager.

    When I took over, Yanbian were bottom of the First Division with just 5 points from 10 matches. In my 13 games in charge, we're 5-2-6, and are all but mathematically safe from relegation now (we're 6 points clear with 3 to play). Yeah, we're still only 12th out of 14 teams. But the team is in a better spot than it was when I got there.

    So suck it up, and play. :D

  4. Been on vacation visiting my dad for the Thanksgiving holiday, but have managed to get some FM time.

    Lost my Champions League qualifier 1-3 to Goteborg. Got a very credible 0-0 draw away, but succumbed at home due to a hat-trick from their left midfielder.

    Apparently we had a championship hangover, because we lost our first 4 games in the league, being outscored 12-1. But we've turned it around and have crawled back into 5th after 10 games. We're 11 points adrift of the leaders though, and 9 out of 2nd place. And the board wanted us to qualify for Europe through league position. :/

  5. Was able to go back to my sweeper formation. Then lost my starting GK for a month (ably replaced by an 18-year-old I signed during the season). Then the lone sweeper went out for 2 yellow cards....and then suffered a fractured skull in practice. So it's back to 4-4-2 for (probably) the rest of the season. Then the guy I plugged in at ML (who's been in and out of the match squad for being crap) suffered a damaged elbow in the same game he scored the (eventual) winning goal for us.

    Plus a couple of reserves and U19s are out with injuries as well.

    On the bright side, I'm 2 points clear at the top (Bangor City have made a charge to get into second). TNS have fallen away a little bit (IIRC, they're 6 points back of us and in 4th now)

  6. Woot! Beat title challengers TNS 3-2 on New Year's Day to leapfrog them for the top spot (almost blew a 3-0 HT lead though. I guess that's what I get for "Don't let your performance drop!" :D)

    Told the lads they had a good first half but a poor second half.

    They then went out and buried relegation strugglers Newtown in the next match 5-0, with one of my strikers grabbing a hat-trick in the first 13 minutes. :thup:

  7. Nice to see someone else with the same team as me. Have a look at the players I signed in season one as all of them turned out to be useful players. How are you doing in the league?

    I hired on before the first season started. 14 games in, and we're 1 point clear at the top. Battling it out with TNS, Neath, and Port Talbot (IIRC our point totals go 25-24-23-22), and now have a bit of an injury crisis that's forced me to abandon my 5-3-2 sweeper/wingbacks system in favor of a flat 4-4-2 for probably the next month.

    Had the bad second half against Bangor, but we're still conceding less than a goal per game. We don't score much though; a lot of our wins are of the 1-0 variety (often thanks to a Bari Morgan screamer from 30 yards out. I don't think he can hit anything else. :D). Though I did sign Michael Uwezu after the season started and he's very comfortable as a deep-lying forward; has (IIRC) 6 goals in 11 games.

  8. That was cool.

    I just lost 5-2 at Bangor in a match in which we were overrun in the second half (I guess I said something wrong at halftime. It was 1-1). My everpresent goalkeeper has "very poor" morale now, and had been at least "poor" morale for a couple of weeks.

    So I called him in for a private chat and said I was going to rest him next week and he responded, "I appreciate that. I think I need it."

    No problem, son. Clear your head and come back stronger . :thup:

  9. Ha, I'm managing Aberystwyth as well.

    Just escaped an upset in the Welsh Cup third round at home to lower league opposition. I was pretty confident in the buildup, and we were pretty much dominating play but went into extra time at 0-0. Then the lower-leaguers got a goal late in the first half of extra time to go up 1-0. Threw on my substitute forward at the interval, and he promptly bagged 2 goals to take us through to the next round. \o/

    I think it's because he was the only one with fresh legs. Most of the rest of my team were around 50% condition. :D

  10. I tried and failed Jason. I gave up on that already...the editor still has that problem of assigning the PDL as the 2nd tier, when clearly the USSF-D2 is the 2nd tier...pretty annoyed that SI didn't change that.

    Yeah, I can't figure out how to get around it (but I'm quite pants at editing competition :D), short of replacing everything including MLS.

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