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  1. So I'm late catching up with this, but:

    So, the Waiver Draft. I believe this is a chance for all the clubs in the MLS to compete to sign players that have been let go by their previous club. It's often a good chance to pick up some fringe players, but obviously you're competing for players deemed not good enough by some of your rivals.

    Correct. It's basically players who are let go because they're not good enoguh.

    Yeah, the re-entry draft. I'm not quite sure what it does. I believe it's those left over after the previous waiver draft, but not sure.

    In general, MLS player contracts are structured as a series of option years. So you might sign a player to one year plus three options years.

    If a club chooses not to exercise the option on a player, he goes into the re-entry draft. If a team takes him in the first round, they have to pick up that option (so if he has a club option to play next season at $150,000, the selecting club has to pay him the $150,000). If he isn't selected until the second round, the selecting team can negotiate a new deal (so maybe they negotiate a $100,000 salary with the player)

    In practice, players are rarely selected in the first round because of having to pick up the full terms of the option year.

    I briefly mentioned the slavery aspect earlier, and I wasn't joking. Above is a list of all the players whose "rights" we own. Usually, this doesn't really become a problem. These players will play in the lower tiers of American football (I'm not calling it Soccer) and carve out nice careers for themselves. Most of them will never reach MLS level though. Is that because they're not talented enough? Most of the time, yes. But that's where this horrible rights thing comes in.

    Essentially, you can be in the situation where you see a brilliant free agent player. You've scouted him, he looks great, and he's a big improvement on what you have. And he's a free agent! You go to sign him, but there's no option to just offer him a contract. Instead, you've got to go and negotiate with the club that owns his rights. Annoying, but OK. You try and negotiate, but the club won't budge. They don't want to give up the rights to this player for some reason. Note, at this stage, the player isn't playing for a club. There's a club that wants to sign him, but he can't do that because another club - who doesn't want him as a player remember - doesn't want that to happen. It's an absolutely maddening thing, and something that seems a bit horrible in real life.

    Yeah, it's roughly similar to the "reserve clause" that European football had before the Bosman ruling, except it only applies to MLS. Players whose MLS rights are held by an MLS club can still sign with any non-MLS club, whether in the US or overseas.

    Designated players...right, so every club appears to be given two designated player slots. In earlier versions, I think you could permanently buy a third slot, and that was that. It appears that now, you have to keep buying the 3rd slot at the start of each season, with the money raised being distributed amongst the sides who decided to just keep 2. So far, so communist. I decided to buy a third, as even though we only have one at the club, the way designated players work you can fill them much more easily than normal players. There are fewer contract restrictions, and you can toss as much money as you want effectively at clubs for players that will absolutely destroy the league.

    This has been tweaked IRL. There's now a distinction about designated players who are aged 24 or younger, and if you use your third DP slot on one of those lads then you can waive the charge to buy the third slot.

    And so we come to the Superdraft, the one-time festival of awesomeness that a lot of clubs leaned on. Nowadays, I believe that it's importance is lessened purely because you can go to South America and pick up a much more talented youngster whose willing to play for peanuts. Literally. Dumbinho only asked for his weight in peanuts.

    But in the FM world, it's still a big thing. If you get an early pick, you can add a very highly rated youth to your side that can immediately make a difference. If you're a late pick, however, you get to compete for the sort of players that you see getting kicked in the air in the Scottish Lower Leagues every week.

    Above you see the mock draft, which I see having no relevance whatsoever. It does show me what I could win though, and apparently I'm getting the swarthy Hector Ramirez.

    Correct, the SuperDraft has lessened in importance as more emphasis is being put into academies now. IRL, Dallas has about 9 of their starting XI being academy products.

    This is my favourite part of the draft. The time when Ace faces off against Chaos, and bitter rivals X and Control take to the field. Oh so American. In case you hadn't guessed, this is where everyone involved in the draft gets assigned a team and goes out to impress. It's actually quite a nice way to do it, to have organised "trials" where the teams can watch who they'll be picking. I imagine they're a pretty big deal, or at least were when the draft was a big deal.

    Yep, the combine brings together all of the players who are in the draft pool. IIRC, Ruud Gullitt left after 45 minutes of the first game. Probably helps explains why his tenure in Los Angeles was short and comical.

    I believe the combine is still sponsored by adidas, which explains the batshit crazy names.

    Finally, we have our youth intake. But, again, it's not your usual youth intake. Because this is 'murica.

    These players are essentially assigned to your affiliate side. If you want any of them, you need to sign them up to contracts.

    Yes. In the past few years, MLS and USL (our third-division league) signed an agreement that allows MLS clubs to either sign an affiliation agreement with a USL side (allowing them to send up to 4 players to the USL club) or fielding a full "B" team in the USL. Most clubs now are going with the full B teams but there are a couple like San Jose that are still just in affiliation agreements.

    FWIW, here's the full list of MLS squad rules and regulations: http://pressbox.mlssoccer.com/content/roster-rules-and-regulations

    (and I think FM hasn't even replicated the general allocation/targeted allocation money rules :D)

  2. Good read and agree the players are pampered too much early doors and quite a few may not actually like football.

    Only part disagree with is Klinsmann.

    Klinsmann would be excellent for you lot. You should hire him straight away. Don't waste time with interviews.

  3. Howdy. :)

    Haven't been here in a while. Laptop never did get resolved. Generally it's fine as long as I don't move it (but then what's the point of a laptop :p), but I've kept going back to Crusader Kings 2. :D

    Think I have less than 100 hours on this edition of FM (closing in on 900 hours with CK2 :D).

  4. It's a retirement league not because Pirlo and co are playing there, but because they're still among the top players of the league at their age.

    And all of you are just naming offensive players, but whenever I watched some MLS highlights or read some analysis it all came to one conclusion.

    MLS teams can't defend. Defensive aspect of all teams is terrible, so for example Giovinco looks like a world-class player there.

    Instead of brining some older defenders from Europe, they just go for the offensive players in typical American marketing fashion.

    But the thing is that some older world class defenders would improve their defensive game so much just with their presence and the domestic players would learn a lot by playing with them.

    You mean like Nesta and Cashley, who've also been brought in?

    Frankly, I'd rather see our teams doing it the right way, like Dallas. Develop your own players instead of relying on aging mercenaries. But then academy products don't get you TV deals, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  5. It's not the fact it's seen as a retirement league, even though the big name players they do have are all past their best and picking up some $$$.

    It's the fact that the standard isn't seen to be as high. I'm not going to pretend I watch loads of MLS games - it's usually two per year, usually around this time when European football ends. But the standard I see isn't that great. That's the problem. Nothing to do with old stars going there. Yet I see on twitter all the precious US fans pretending that MLS is a top league or something. It's not even close. Players know if they go there, then international football is unlikely to follow. Beckham had the same problem for England. Defoe as well. He's a good comparison actually, because he was sort of on the fringes of England when he left, like Giovinco for Italy.

    I don't know who those people are, because I certainly don't see it. If anything, I'd say we have a greater tendency to hype up our younger national team players like Jordan Morris or Christian Pulisic, whether they're in MLS or an overseas league.

    Anyone who really watches the league would agree it's not Serie A or EPL. But how many leagues are?

  6. I've been very skeptical of Giovinco's sudden and consistent brilliance in MLS, but if we take a look at the lot of attacking players Conte has called up, are we sure Seb's form should be ignored altogether just because MLS has a (partly deserved) poor reputation?

    The problem with MLS is it's a "perception = reality" situation. Most of our games are on late (by European standards), and it's not a high-profile league so it's easy to not keep tabs on what's going on here.

    My guess is Conte didn't want to pick Giovinco and just reached for the lazy excuse.

    Conte was condescending in his comment. True, MLS isn't as a world-class league. But Giovinco's ability carries more weight. Also, every time Giovinco was called upon to the national team, he proved to be a significant threat for the opponents.

    Pirlo is another story. His physical condition just doesn't allow him to play on the level he was years ago.

    Pirlo hasn't been good here either, so leaving Pirlo out makes a lot of sense.

    He proved time and time again in never worse Serie A that he's a mediocre player at best and him scoring loads in some retirement league doesn't prove value.

    Again, perception = reality.

    I mean, I can't fault you too much for that. Every time I happen to see what MLS games Sky are showing the UK it's inevitably teams with someone the audience knows: LA for Gerrard, NYCFC for Lampard, Orlando for Kaka, Houston for Owen Coyle, Red Bulls for, well, because it's New York.

    Means nobody gets to see, for example, Dallas which has literally about 10 of their starting XI coming out of their academy.

  7. j7AdUJz.png


    Don't get me wrong, a new stadium is always exciting news, but I just don't believe it's the right thing to do just now. Above all, this will take us to £40M debt, which we will seriously struggle to manage. From now on we are simply obliged to make the Champions League groups every year and turn a good profit on the transfer market. Otherwise, we might not survive.

    Oh, and obviously I will have to rename it as soon as it's built.

    Their planning needs work, since they just dumped that cash into expanding the old one. :D

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