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  1. 14 minutes ago, Judas Love said:

    i think the corporate facilites are attached with the stadium. however, I don't know what would change it in the editor

    They are attached to the stadium, but potentially renovations could be done to boost it a level reflecting those renovations (maybe the lightning is upgraded, or broadband speed increased, etc.). I could see it being capped with stadium size and/or age, like maybe they couldn't go beyond "Basic" for a 50-year-old 3,000-capacity stadium.

  2. On 8/2/2016 at 11:54, Cougar2010 said:

    SI tried detailed training many versions ago setting different sessions but it quickly disappeared from the series.


    Whilst it sounds good in theory I suspect the bulk of the user base wouldn't bother with it.

    It might be "easier" to implement now though, since now you can delegate training schedules to your assistant and coaches.


  3. That could be interesting, and it could tie in with the existing relationships ("feels the two of you could become friends", etc.). 

    Could possibly have an effect on hiring staff too, like that U19 coach is more willing to sign with you because he remembers you from the training course.

  4. 14 hours ago, Chesters86 said:

    Things like free Wi-Fi, more washrooms better floodlights etc...I have no interest in whatsoever.

    However when you are bringing success to a club I wouldn't mind the Board announcing certain things such as developing area around the Stadium for eg. a Hotel or the club generating a few extra £'s buy hosting a Concert during the off-season. I'm not a fan of the idea of having control over those kind of things, but it working like sponsorship deals where you just receive the information in your Inbox that's fine with me.

    Or that they're upgrading the corporate facilities (AFAIK, these are static within the game though they're listed as part of the club's facilities)


  5. 1 hour ago, grade said:

    I hope that press conferences, the options are expanded. Instead of the usual 5 options to choose from. I hope they add an extra one, that they can call the Trump response. :p 

    I want "Popovich" tone. :D (which I guess would be "sarcastic")


    "Tortorella" tone would be good too. But I suppose "Aggressive" takes care of that.


  6. Never really got into FM16 (did win the Welsh Cup with Bangor City though after failing miserably in Singapore and Hong Kong,. :thup: ). Partly because my laptop started acting wonky, and partly because I kept getting sucked back into Crusader Kings 2.

    Might give it another go and wait to get FM17 until it goes on sale on Steam.


  7. I think the light grey circle was for threads you've posted in that haven't had activity since the board update.

    Blank is a thread you've never posted in, and hasn't had any activity since the update.

    Filled in blue circle is a thread that has had activity since the board update, and in which you've posted (clicking on that filled-in circle is basically the old "First Unread Post" link)

    Hollow blue circle is a thread you've not posted in, but has had activity since the update.

    I think.


  8. Testing something here:


    Club    Season    Nation    League    W    D    L    PTS
    Chelsea    2021-22    EMG    Premier    14    12    10    64


    Club    Season    Nation    League    W    D    L    PTS
    Chelsea    2021-22    EMG    Premier    14    12    10    64


    Welp, looks like using tab to align columns in Notepad (or at least TextEdit as I'm on a Mac ATM) no longer works.



    edit: OTOH, it looks like topics that have lots of pictures in them (like @forameuss'') load much faster now.


  9. 3 minutes ago, Neil Brock said:


    For the actual thread, there's a circle to the right of the thread. This will only work for threads updated since the migration and will be filled in if you've posted in the thread before and clear if it's a thread you haven't posted in. 


    Ah, that works.


    And saves a step! So :thup:


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