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  1. Question for anyone who has MLS active (I'm at work at won't be home for another 6+ hours, and then have to finish downloading the beta that Steam lied to me about how long it would take):

    Can you confirm that Minnesota United and Atlanta United are in the game? Thought I saw them in the FM17 features video

  2. I keep starting games with Stellaris but never finish them.

    Haven't finished this current CK2 save, but I'm up to 1100-ish (starting with Charlemagne in 767). Still have just the one county (and a vassal barony to go with it)., despite almost always getting a "Papal State" cardinal's chancellor trying to fabricate a claim (I'm in Siena). :D


  3. 6 hours ago, anagain said:

    Only just got around to watching the features video. That is some extensive changes to FM this year. Surely no one can complain about all that.

    It's changed my thoughts. I'm really enjoying my Northampton save, but the new versions sounds so good. I'll give beta a miss and watch the impressions come in, but I might have to get as far as I can with Northampton before November 4th.

    Got Civ 6 to squeeze in too. I don't have enough time to game!

    Yeah, Civ 6 is on my wishlist. Will probably wait for a sale though.

    Still want to take my CK2 save and convert it for an EUIV save too. :D


  4. On 10/9/2016 at 07:29, withnail316 said:

    I'm usually put off Finland by the lack of restrictions within your squad (I think the only restriction is you must have no more than three non EU players, IIRC) while in Norway and Sweden it is much tighter. I have very little self-control when signing players, so it being curbed by the league restrictions does me the world of good, usually. 

    I'm sort of the same way. I'm fine with the "no more than 3 foreign players in the squad" or "must have 8 players trained in the country" type of rules, but I hate, hate, hate rules like "must have 5 U23 players in the first XI"

    When it comes to signing players, I'm pretty disciplined there (usually keep the first-team squad to somewhere in the 22-24 range, enough for a backup at every position and maybe a couple other options if I feel I should go with 5 defenders instead of 4 for a match, for example). But I usually offer everyone a trial. I think at times I've had a dozen players on trial at the same time, in addition to my usual first-team numbers. :D


  5. On 8/23/2016 at 09:23, tastaiwan said:

    In: Marko Jovanovic - I really didn't want to get another defender into our youth ranks, we have so many I might have to play 5 in the back in 6 years, but looking at all the available youth prospects he was the best option I had. Gotta keep them young ones coming in the door, you know?

    Might as well have as many lottery tickets as you can afford. Never know if one of them will get a devastating injury, or another's hidden stats mean he'll flame out against Premier League players.

  6. Didn't complete the comeback, but on FM 15, I was managing Smartno in Slovenia. We got into the Europa League through the fair play backdoor and eventually got drawn with Bordeaux.

    We lost the away leg 4-0, and conceded early in the return leg to go down 5-0 on aggregate. I decided we might as well go down fighting, so I instructed the team to go all-out attack. We ended up losing on away goals, 5-5 aggregate. :D


  7. On 8/15/2016 at 18:41, tastaiwan said:

    January 2039


    Neil Moss

    The perfect example of Man City spending $55 million, using a player in 11 games in 1.5 years, and then he wants to leave again. I would totally take him, he's on sale for $22 million, but Man City have inflated his wages so much I can't even come close to affording it. He was so good, was a star for the English national side, and now he's suffering because he wanted to leave. What the hell? He should have listened when I told him he wasn't going to play.

    Could have been a legend on the South Coast, instead he took the cash. :herman:


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