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  1. Well this is going to put a crimp on my usual strategerie of bringing in lots of trialists.

    I've brought in 5 trialists (all of them unattached 17-year-olds; hey, I have an empty U19 team at them moment) so far in preseason. Each one, the media asks if it's possible they could end up as a first-team member. And five times now I've had to say "We don't know. That's why we've brought them in on trial."

    Which is bad for me, because in previous editions of FM I've had as many as a dozen players on trial with us at the same time. I've going to get seriously annoyed with the media. :D

    On a related note, I tend to start saves as American/unemployed/no badges/Sunday League. A couple of times, the media has asked me to comment on MLS coaches who are on the hot seat. Pretty sure IRL literally nobody would seek out my opinion in this scenario.



  2. 6 hours ago, ajj2410 said:

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I'm having trouble with contracts in the MLS. I'm try to sign a player on as a designated player but I can only offer him a maximum of 1k p/w? I only have 1 designed player at the moment and I have 2 spaces left and we are also spending 10k less than the our salary cap allows. Also if it helps I have 4 million in Allocation Funds. If you could help me that would be great appreciated.


    IRL, there's still a salary cap charge for a DP ($457,500 p.a. if they're age 24 or older, and you can't use allocation money to buy down more than 50% of the cap hit). It could be that you can't fit the part of the DP contract that still goes onto the cap.


  3. 8 hours ago, andu1 said:

    To be honest, the issue is nowhere near FM 2015 levels and in fact i think it can be adjusted in the editor. Too many managers have 4-4-2 as preffered formation withouth any DM's and it's exactly those teams that score and concede more than the others. I sincerily doubt that flat 4-4-2 is that much used IRL compared to how it is in FM.


    too bad we don't have a beta editor. :D

     I'm using a flat 4-4-2 with a club in the lowest tier in Northern Ireland atm. In 3 preseason friendlies, the scores have been 1-1, 0-0 and 1-0. :D


    8 hours ago, phnompenhandy said:

    Is there a way to default from 'continue' to 'inbox'? I keep being sent to 'social feed' and sorry, but I don't find anything of the slightest use or interest in there whereas everything of interest appears in the inbox.

    Yes, this.

  4. Finished downloading the beta and.....first it froze up on the titles screen. Then it froze up on the "loading" screen.

    Deleted and redownloading, hoping it's just that the gap in the first download (had to shut it down to go to work) caused a hiccup.


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