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  1. 55 minutes ago, Smallen said:

    I wanna know how many alias accounts Bliss has made here. He's still dangerously close considering he just scraped through the nominations :D


    50 minutes ago, Confused Clarity said:

    12. At time of posting.


    9 minutes ago, SouthCoastRed said:

    He's borrowed Sebsys stash as he's not using them to cheat in Wigmores quiz this year.

    Hope his rigging goes as well as it did in BOTU.


  2. 7 minutes ago, mark1985 said:

    The thought of an MLG v Bliss final makes me slightly nauseous. Is there a category called ‘poster who is slightly in love with themselves and their mere existence sends SCRs heart rate to dangerous levels for a man of his vintage?’ If so, yes, they would be worthy finalists.

    MLG wins based on Southampton's media room.


  3. 14 hours ago, Jellico73 said:

    So, I bring in Mousa Dembele after selling a couple of players to help my Crystal Palace team.

    We do better than expected, finishing 6th.  Dembele is the Leagues leading goal scorer, and wins a slew of awards.

    Shine isn't off the trophy yet, and he comes in and says "I want to go to Bayern."

    The Benteke comes in and says he wants to go to PSG, Zaha (my best AM) wants to go to Barcelona, and Shako (my best Dback) wants to go to Newcastle(?).  And Cabaye wants to be sold too.  

    Cabaye, Zaha, and Shako are at the top of my DYnamics pyramid.  If I keep them, I lose the locker room.  If I sell them, I lose the locker room.  I turned down the first offer for Dembele (36M, really Bayern?), and no less than half the team came to me asking "WTF?"

    Really?  After that season we just had your mad I Didn't sell him?




    They could also be thinking "If the gaffer blocks Dembele leaving, then he might not let me make a big money move away."


  4. 14 hours ago, DazRTaylor said:

    Thinking of binning FM18 for now.  So many issues.  :mad:


    14 hours ago, Jimbokav1971 said:

    There is no point pretending that they don't exist and in the past I have been as frustrated as you are. It's all about perception though. Instead of blaming the game for everything, (even the things that are broken), I blame myself, the Chairman or the players and try to find a workaround as if the save was real.

    It allows me to get past some of the things that used to drive me mad. Yes there are things that actually break a game and stop it from working, but everything else is just an obstacle to overcome.

    Please don't think I'm telling you that all is fine by the way. (I'm not). I'm just suggesting that looking at it differently might help you.

    Looks like I can wait for a sale (or final patch). :D

    (I really do want this version. The scouting and contract changes alone look like it will be worth getting)


  5. On 10/20/2017 at 15:07, Rikulec said:

    So, with the FM18 beta just around the corner, what should we expect from you guys?

    I've almost decided to go back to the roots with my save this year, starting unemployed in Iceland and waiting for the story to unfold. The original idea was to do the same in San Marino, but I'm way too excited for the game to wait for the full release and the editor files. :D

    I passed on the "contract extension" discount because the "Dynamics" video had me concerned about the likelihood of bugs. But the changes to scouting and tactics look really good. I never got into FM 17 (think I have only 30-some hours on record) but I'm actually kind of excited about this one.

    I'll probably still wait until it goes on sale at some point, by which time any bugs likely will have been sorted out. Probably do the usual unemployed/no badges/no rep/journeyman save. Might change up the leagues I load though; usually the squad restrictions some countries have (like "must have two U23 players in the first XI") would put me off until I realized I usually look for those players on free transfer anyway. Might just start with the English-speaking and Spanish-speaking nations because FM gives you fluency in both as an American. :brock:

    I'm getting old though, so I may need to create a manager instead of just plugging myself into the game. :D


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