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  1. 55 minutes ago, Smallen said:

    I wanna know how many alias accounts Bliss has made here. He's still dangerously close considering he just scraped through the nominations :D


    50 minutes ago, Confused Clarity said:

    12. At time of posting.


    9 minutes ago, SouthCoastRed said:

    He's borrowed Sebsys stash as he's not using them to cheat in Wigmores quiz this year.

    Hope his rigging goes as well as it did in BOTU.


  2. 7 minutes ago, mark1985 said:

    The thought of an MLG v Bliss final makes me slightly nauseous. Is there a category called ‘poster who is slightly in love with themselves and their mere existence sends SCRs heart rate to dangerous levels for a man of his vintage?’ If so, yes, they would be worthy finalists.

    MLG wins based on Southampton's media room.


  3. On 10/12/2017 at 10:58, Liquid Cool said:

    At 4:30, the scout report contains two negative elements of the player; that he's only made 19 interceptions and only won 23 headers.

    Why are these in absolutes and not averages per match? The total amount isn't really that important, is it? If another player has made 22 interceptions but also played 5 matches more - those 19 interceptions of the first player would actually be the better stat.  

    I'd also like a "league average" somewhere to be able to make comparisons.

    OK, this MC in my squad averages 3.7 interceptions. How does that compare to the league average? Is he better than or worse than average? If there's a way to find that, I've never been able to do so.

  4. 6 hours ago, mdshep said:

    I hope that to some extent one of the senarios for this dynamics is some players aren’t part of a social circle but that this isn’t negative and that they just do their job. I can work with my colleagues to a very high level without having to want to be their friends and socialise  

    Similarly you shouldn’t need to have a team be best mates to play well - some of the best teams have been on the edge of hating each other. The Dutch spring to mind.

    Imagine if dynamics leads to a Dyer-Bowyer situation though. :D


  5. 5 hours ago, Swindon69 said:

    hopefully they'll have sorted out the number of youth prospects who demand first team football or you'll be undone by a coup of u21 players and disaffected back up goalkeepers.

    Why do I get the feeling this is going to be massively overpowered initially and have to be scaled back as clubs implode over player revolts.


    3 hours ago, martplfc1 said:

    Sorry to sound miserable, but this seems like another feature that brings you little joy for getting it right but causes huge problems if you get it wrong.

    I'm not a psychotherapist, just let me buy players because their stats are good and fit my style of play.

    Hopefully this isn't too overbearing and hasn't had too much time spent on its development to the detriment of the ME. 



    31 minutes ago, FrazT said:

    Ambivalent about this new feature as I have been concerned for a few versions now that player interaction has been overplayed and far too much manager time is taken up with questionable demands from players.  Will be interesting to see if this improves the current module or not

    Same. I've been holding off on the "contract extension" pre-release purchase until some more details came out, and this has actually made me think I'll wait a few months until it's working as intended.

  6. 8 hours ago, kandersson said:

    American football (seriously why they call that football when the only players that actually kick the ball are the less relevant on the team...)

    Because it originated when two teams couldn't agree on whether to play with FA rules or rugby rules, so they agreed to a hybrid. And it took off from there (there's actually still a "free kick" rule in the NFL rulebook). :)


    There's also Canadian football, which is similar to American football but on a longer field and with 12 men instead of 11. The CFL actually developed out of rugby organizations.



  7. 40 minutes ago, Svenc said:

    Agree, it's slowly starting to enter mainstream media. It's by no means a perfect measure, but compared to the average football pundit "preaching" to millions how football matches would apparently always end in cricket scorelines every single weekend (WALCOTT SHOULD HAVE SCORED THREE!!!), it's not even a contest. Ideally, long-term, in real analysis it's a mix. There's stuff purely statistic models can't display, which is where an educated pundit would come in mixed with the stats. However, at the moment, even the models that exist are so far ahead of the "subjective gut feeling" even of experienced former players oftenly, it's not even up for debate.

    Advanced analytics still gets resistance in baseball and "Moneyball" was 15 years ago. :D


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