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  1. I'll be giving this a go at the end of my current season, I've been using an extremely narrow (no wingers in my first team squad lol) 4-3-3 with Leicester in the Premiership and I just can't seem to kick on from the 6th to 10th bracket, I'll be blowing my entire budget in the summer on some quality wingers. Scratch that, just been offered the Man Utd job, perfect opportunity. Never mind, turned it down against my better judgment.
  2. I've finally decided to stop reading about other peoples adventures in this thread and decided to give it a go. Greece is what went for in the end no idea why and I'm at Aigaleo(or is it)?? After just having a look on Wiki about them and they appear to have a different name on there(Egaleo F.C) with the same badge. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egaleo_F.C. Looks like they're on a massive downward spiral IRL, three consecutive relegations from the super league to 4th division, time for me to get them back to the big time. http://s289.photobucket.com/albums/ll205/Southam1983/?action=view&current=Aigaleo.jpg - Profile. Media Prediction 16th. Transfer Budget 12k Wage Budget 14.25k
  3. Points deducted

    On quite a few of my games Derby go into admin during the second season at some point, being a Leicester fan it's great to see.
  4. Which leads me onto my next point folks, Don't smoke crack.
  5. Funny Screenshots Thread

    When you've started a new game and the wizard comes up to select you're team cancel it click on World and search out the England team and it will say Take control in the bottom left corner. Or use the Wizard when it asks you which country you want to manage in select International/National and choose England.
  6. Funny Screenshots Thread

    I love when you're a national team manager and you're playing minnows such as Andorra you can give some real unsung heroes a game instead of the overly paid prima donna's from the Premiership.