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  1. Pal, you're not helpful, you should calm down. I've already tried accent colour.xml by Michael. Can you read that?
  2. Solved issue #2 and #3. I missed only issue #1
  3. 1. Added accent colour.xml file from Michael, sidebar still change its colour to primary team color. I'd like it grey like other screens. 2. It's solved since I had to download a different default kitpack (thanks D_LO_ I've read you late but I was doing the same) 3. As per attached image, I changed bg colour and part of the text (I like it in white). I can't find any old post in order to change in white the other text. I'm using the dark base skin by Michael. Thanks
  4. Hello, I need some help with michaeltmurrayuk's base dark skin: I would like to avoid sidebar in pic #1 to paint with team color, I'd like it with standard grey, how can I do? I also like to have horizontal bar in pic #2 during matches to be like the bar with team instruction, that transparent standard grey. Is it possible? Last question: I'd like to get rid of ghost under default kit, as per pic #3, how can I do? Many thanks in advance for your help
  5. really often co-ownership contracts in Italy are not managed in a realistic way. In FM italian top tier teams buy a player in co-ownership, investing lots of money in this 50%. Then at the end of the season those teams offer zero at the auction and loose the player. In the reality, teams are keen to renew the co-ownership more often, or sell their 50% to other teams, or (often) they include co-owned players into other agreements. Example: Juventus offers for Torino's Alessio Cerci: 50% of Sebastian Giovinco (100% owned), Domenico Berardi (50% owned, other 50% owned by Sassuolo) and 5M euros cash.
  6. You should consider to add more Italian lower leagues. Eventually I can help collecting rules and teams.
  7. I'd like to have different levels of closing down. Actually we have "hassle the opponent" or "leave them alone". In the reality, teams apply closing down in many different ways. Some examples: 1) FC Juventus and FC Barcellona press the opponent as soon as they loose the ball, everywhere on the pitch, with many men. They aim to win the ball close really high in order to go for the goal immediately. Doing this, they loose their shape and they risk a counter-attack if the opponent is able to move the ball in a fast and precise way 2) FC Internazionale and Atletico Madrid when loose the ball, move back in order to recover their shape then start to press the opponent in possession. 3) Weak sides prefer to avoid any closing down, keeping def and mid lines narrow and deep. Thanks.
  8. When we set our formation, players stay in their own positions both in defensive phase and offensive phase. In the reality this is not true, some examples: - Pundits says that Borussia Dortmund formation is 4-2-3-1. But looking to them in the defensive phase they are more like a 4-4-1-1 with wingers (Kuba and Reus) aligned with midfielders (Gundogan and Bender). In the offensive phase wingers moves inside off the ball near to the lone striker, full-backs moves high, formation looks like a 2-4-1-3 - FC Juventus should play with a 3-5-2. But in the defensive phase they are more like a 5-3-2; in the offensive phase full-backs moves really high, aligned with strikers, their formation in this phase clearly is 3-3-4. - FC Barcellona is alleged to play a strict 4-3-3. But their players built a 4-4-2 in the defensive phase, a 3-3-4 when again in possession. I'd like to have this kind of flexibility in the Tactic Creator. One more point: I will add a "cut inside without the ball" shout.
  9. We should get more from Affiliation, there are some special cases that are not properly modeled. Chelsea loaned out 7 players to Vitesse Arnhem. Tens of players go back and forth among Udinese, Watford, Grenada. Parma buy/sell players from/to many clubs in lower leagues.
  10. It's a desktop pc. Here is my crash dump: /fm/game-crash/FM 2014 v14.2.0.451266 (2014.01.02 10.34.41).dmp.zip thanks for your help
  11. It is not my fault if Dell did not release any update. I'm telling you, never had a problem before patch 14.2. It keeps crashing randomly, latest dump two minutes ago.
  12. I am sorry if I've overreacted, but you have to know that my system never had a problem like this before. My BIOS is already up-to-date, my GPU driver as well. What is your system? I have a folder full of dump files, and this is totally new for me, playing CM/FM since the very first edition. Thanks. My regards.
  13. FM still crashes randomly. Totally unplayable till update 14.2.
  14. This is not the kind of answer that a long time user could expect... having a plenty of dump files after the update 14.2. Anyway I'll do it. Have a nice Xmas.
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