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  1. Amazing results with 451 Spurs version! (went on holliday the complete season)
  2. Everything maxed out, I get constant 60FPS with my PC. I don't know exactly how long, sometimes i go AFK for 5-10 mins and when I return the game is crashed. Thanks for your help.
  3. After 2 patches v18.1.3, still the same problem, with and without custom graphics. I found that the game will crash 100% if leave it for a long time on a screen with 3D graphics, for example in the main menu screen (3D manager) or inside a match (during halftime for eg).
  4. Now it's giving me the error 18.1.2f1043463 (live) has stopped working during the second half of the match. The game it's unplayable for me at the moment, really frustrating...
  5. Hi I'm having this problem that seems to be common in the recent release, it always occur in the half time match screen. I've tried reinstalling directx and uninstalling custom graphics but the problem is not solved. It's driving me crazy, I've to replay very difficult matches that I was winning and then ending losing because of this problem, this is ruinning the game for me and need to be fixed. DxDiag.txt
  6. Ok I see, off course you have a much better understand of the game than mine. For how many game do you watch the matches on full? And do you let you assistant to take charge of OI and team talks?
  7. Oh sad to read that... I'm a Boca Juniors fan, I wish you bad luck at the "superclasico" when you return to Primera División Other thing is that in the game economics turns VERY unrealistic in Argentina, in the future seasons you will see clubs buying local players for US$ 20 million or more. Now in the year 2019 I have a transfer budget of US$ 200 million!!! Now on topic: I'm in the 9th season off my career with Boca, I won the league for 8th straight years and being undefeated for very long periods, the longest being 80+ games, all of this with my "tactics creator and shouts only" tactic (I don't touch sliders) I think that the key to success at this game is to keep the club organized and play every player in a comfortable position, I never go "tweaking-mad" with tactics, and in the long term you will start to win a lot. After reading the entire SI Sports Centre thread I think that I could make a tactic the way you do and create the "perfect" tactic for my team, so in my 9th season after selling the half of my team I make a formation, put basic roles and duties and started to watch the games on full, I can recognize and detect things that I don't like in the way my team play. It goes really well for the first 2 matches, but in the 3rd game I play vs San Lorenzo an strong opponent in the league and my team struggle I see things that I don't like in the way of play but I can't fix them. So my question is will you post how do you finish your tactic, because I can't totally understand how you do it, and can't get the changes you make in your successful FA Cup games. It would be very nice to see the "complete" process of how you adapt your tactic to it final shape and how you improve and maintain it. PS: Keep the good work and sorry for my poor English.
  8. Not River Plate please, play with Boca Juniors a much better team! and you will have the best playmaker of all time Juan Roman Riquelme. And WHAT??? you are a girl! I could never imagine that and I follow your topics from years ago since FM 2006-07. Keep the good work and post coming. Cheers from Argentina.
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