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  1. I just took over Bayern and a 33 year old Sané wanted a new challenge. So i arranged a transfer for him for around 7m. He then came back and demanded 14m in a payoff to make the move ! I hadn't experienced this payoff thing untill I took over a team in Germany. It happened a few times now, but the negotiations are basically accept or reject. I have never had a player give way. But I feel a player wanting out should not be demanding a payoff or in the very least be very willing to negotiate. I don't care if he wants double the transfer fee in payoff, but that is also bit weird.
  2. I just yesterday installed Ubuntu dual boot with Windows 10, as a test mostly. But while my PC is not affected by the requirements of Windows 11 i really don't like this scummy practice. I have very basic knowledge of Linux, but installing Ubuntu and steam, was rather easy. Right now i have FM21 loaded running in steam with Proton 6.3-5. I was expecting this to be more hassle and would probably take some performance hit when playing, but i actually feel like the process times when pressing continue have gone slightly down. This is just a feeling though :) but it has made me quite happy with t
  3. I use the prioritize scouting assignment quite a lot. Mostly because I want to scout alot of players and then find one really interesting player or switch focus area. But it is very cumbersome to go into scouting center, assignments and then find the player in the list and press prioritize. I would suggest we have the option in the drop down menu of each player after we press get scout report. Then there would appear a new item instead of get scout report to prioritize scout report.
  4. Hello again, I have a few ideas, but i want to ask how best to present them, should i make a single thread for each or one big thread with all of them presented ? World Cup in FM is very under utilized i think. I as a manager i am always subscribed to the WC when it comes around but i almost miss it, the only reason i notice it is because my players get called up. This item should be very publicized / Important in the the "world of FM" when it finally rolls around it should be the front menu item every time you press continue. Right now i have to dig down into the interface to ev
  5. Right now i feel only a small amount of this is featured in FM, We have media items about a number of players transferred to and from your club, and in transfers there is confidence metering on how good each deal was, but i think added depth would give more realistic media items. Statistics showing the squad value when you took over a club and how it has changed over the period of your management. This could be tied to both transfers confidence and finance for your performance review or the teams yearly review on if it has increased or fallen. If doing impressively or poorly, there could
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