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  1. Hello, I often find myself with an unhappy player or fans, as i can be quite ruthless when selling a player. But my motivations for the transfer are not seen at all in the game. Now my idea would be to be able to discuss a players status within my team after a season. Right now i can talk to a player after i sell him but only in very exceptional cases do i get any thing positive from those conversations. I would like to be able to sit down with a player after the season and say "hey you are getting on abit, and i cant see you playing more than 15-20 games next season and we have exciting prospects coming through that will need some playing time, will you accept that or do you want a transfer." I´m usually fine with keeping the player, but i know he will get unhappy if i do so i sell them and then the Fans are mad at me. What i see in this is also an opportunity to make interactions with players little bit more deep, my example here above is just an example. I may want to transfer one of my star strikers because i dont feel they fit the system anymore, and i would be little bit more tactful than sending them an SMS while they are on their way out
  2. Here is my analysis of the first half 00:29 Moreno passes the ball first time to the most forward player (Shorter option to the left of him.) 09:35 Mignolet boots it up field from a back pass from Lovren, absolutely no pressure. 10:44 Again, tho this time i would consider it a clearing, since he is under pressure. 11:49 Through ball from Clyne, over the top of the defense. 21:40 Mignolet hoofs it. 22:13 Again. 22:19 Lovren hoofs it. 30:40 Mignolet hoofs it. 31:40 Mignolet hoofs it. 32:25 Moreno Clears the ball forward, Lovren or Mignolet short option. 33:23 Clyne Clears the ball forward, Matip, Lovren or Mignolet short option. 33:55 Mignolet hoofs it. 34:05 Mignolet hoofs it into a throwin. 34:45 GUEST WHO ! hoofs it. 34:55 Again, hoofs it. 38:45 Lovren plays it back to Mignolet, who .. hoofs it 40:00 Wonders of the world !! Mignolet plays it short to Clyne !!! 40:33 Clyne Hoofs it. 42:20 Mignolet hoofs it 42:40 Lovren Hoofs it, but is under pressure, Mignolet short option. 45:20 Mignolet hoofs it. 46:00 Clyne hoofs it. My options for the goal keeper is to pass it short, distribute to fullbacks and fewer risky passes. It seems to me that the Goalkeeper is not seen as a player, because he never plays triangles or any combinations with other defenders. he almost always kicks the ball long and when the ball goes back to the goalkeeper the team lines up into formation like there is a goal kick and prepares to win the ball.
  3. I have my team play short, with all the defenders exept Matip restricted to short balls, and the goalkeeper short. but all the match they keep hoofing it up field. Tottenham v Liverpool-HOOF.pkm
  4. Passing

    i need 2 instructions or the passing of the ball needs to be improved for this game. I simply cannot get my wingers and full backs to cross the ball!! yes i´ve tried to give them instructions to do so but they keep passing the ball backwards, or towards the midfield. This is very very annoying, and to add to this if a winger gets to the byline in the box he will ALWAYS take a shot instead of passing it to a teammate in the 6 yard box for a simple tap inn. The two instructions i would want added, was "pass the ball forward" as i feel there are way to many back passes in the game, and "cross to the six yard box" and quite possibly if it coulc be implimented "pass to a teammate in a better position". it can get very infuriating when a winger in a bad position has 2-3 teamates in a better position take a shot on goal.
  5. i am getting realy realy fed up with managers from other teams heaping praises on some of my players, i´m not a high repped team, and i have managed to get some very impressive players while they where young and now i have fx the boss of lyon praising one of my players every month. now this is happening to alot of my players and i think its because of my teams rep, and that could maybe need a fix, but what i´m hateing most is that i cant respond, i want to tell them to stop talking about my players, i want to be able to report them for tapping up my players, and i want my chairman to step in and threat these teams with "reporting" them for tapping up in the media. another thing and i think this is maybe nto a feture .. but a fix .. i´m in the prem but low repped .. and my players are valued very very low .. even if its the best player in the prem.