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  1. I have my team play short, with all the defenders exept Matip restricted to short balls, and the goalkeeper short. but all the match they keep hoofing it up field. Tottenham v Liverpool-HOOF.pkm
  2. i need 2 instructions or the passing of the ball needs to be improved for this game. I simply cannot get my wingers and full backs to cross the ball!! yes i´ve tried to give them instructions to do so but they keep passing the ball backwards, or towards the midfield. This is very very annoying, and to add to this if a winger gets to the byline in the box he will ALWAYS take a shot instead of passing it to a teammate in the 6 yard box for a simple tap inn. The two instructions i would want added, was "pass the ball forward" as i feel there are way to many back passes in the game, and "cross to the six yard box" and quite possibly if it coulc be implimented "pass to a teammate in a better position". it can get very infuriating when a winger in a bad position has 2-3 teamates in a better position take a shot on goal.
  3. i am getting realy realy fed up with managers from other teams heaping praises on some of my players, i´m not a high repped team, and i have managed to get some very impressive players while they where young and now i have fx the boss of lyon praising one of my players every month. now this is happening to alot of my players and i think its because of my teams rep, and that could maybe need a fix, but what i´m hateing most is that i cant respond, i want to tell them to stop talking about my players, i want to be able to report them for tapping up my players, and i want my chairman to step in and threat these teams with "reporting" them for tapping up in the media. another thing and i think this is maybe nto a feture .. but a fix .. i´m in the prem but low repped .. and my players are valued very very low .. even if its the best player in the prem.