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  1. Hi EdL, what about changing CAs of players without editing the attributes? Would the attributes auto-allocate to reflect the CA changes?
  2. so does that mean that if you increase the CA, the attributes gets tuned up too? not too sure how it really works..
  3. i just left my game as i was about to shut down my computer and saw that there's a 974.8kb update. any idea what its about?
  4. hmm.. i wonder why the average rating for the team of the year is negative..
  5. i've added it in already but its still generating 16 teams in 4 groups! any idea what's wrong?
  6. Hey guys, according to steam, Available: 22 October 2011 This game will unlock in approximately 3 days and 6 hours did the game get delayed by a day? Will there be any activation issues even if we buy the cds then?
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