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  1. Hmm, from the reviews I've read they felt that having the extra dedicated graphics card did improve performance. Anyway, thanks, but that doesn't help me to determine how good this would be at handling FM on decent settings...
  2. I'm looking to get more of a notebook than a laptop that would still be capable of FM on decent settings - I'm currently looking at the Lenovo U410 with an i5, which I'm sure would manage to some degree, but I wondered on what settings would I probably need to play it on/how much of a sacrifice would I need to make compared to a larger laptop? e.g. would I be able to use the 3d graphics on a decent setting? It also seems to have a dedicated graphics card, which should help. http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/lenovo-ideapad-u410-14-ultrabook-silver-17056585-pdt.html?srcid=198&cmpid=ppc~gg~UFP-Laptop~17056585~LT&mctag=gg_goog_7904&searchType=AdWordsSearch&externalAdId=16678904180&placement=&gclid=CIb8pfzEv7QCFe7MtAodpy4Agg Spec: Processor Intel® Core™ i5-3317U processor (1.7 GHz, 3 MB cache) RAM 6 GB, DDR3 1600MHz Graphics card NVIDIA® GeForce® 610M Screen resolution 1366 x 768 Thanks
  3. haunted, yeah that's what I thought; especially as you can also get digital pens with buttons for right as well as left-clicking. If this guy can play a non-touch-optimised Starcraft using a Lenovo touch-screen monitor then I'm sure it should at least work to a degree in Desktop mode with a touch-screen on FM: It is only the protestations from SI and lack of any other anecdotes making me a bit reserved, though perhaps SI are just urging caution as they might be worried that powerful touchscreen Windows notebooks/tablets might already start taking people away from FM Handheld. Although considering that pretty much every big computer manufacturer will be launching a full Windows tablet/notebook over the next few months I don't see why it's not so difficult for SI to further clarify the issue for these particular machines, or even optimise FM controls for touch-screen (it's not as if there are many commands that would need to be mapped across - if Civilisation V can already do it with no problems, then FM should be easy to do).
  4. Hi all, Very quick question: In Classic mode, can you still pick what positions your Reserve team players play in? So if you had a young DC who was playing in the Reserves and you wanted them to play as a DL to help convert them in to that position/learn that position better, can you easily make sure that they will always play their Reserve games as a DL? Thanks, H
  5. Hi all, I just wondered if anyone has tried using the touch screen on their PC or laptop monitor for FM? Or if you have one but haven't tried it yet, whether you could and provide some feedback? I was very interested to know how well and smoothly this works, and whether it is possible to do everything you would want to with a keyboard and mouse using just the screen? Main reason I'm asking is that I'm thinking about getting the Lenovo Yoga ultrabook/tablet when it comes out and wonder how well FM would work on it when flipped over. Thanks a lot. H
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