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  1. CM Revolution African Leagues vol. 1 is an addition, which enables us to play in 10 leagues from 5 african countries.The countries are as follows: - Algeria (3 leagues) - Egypt (2 leagues) - Libya (1 league) - Morocco (2 leagues) - Tunisia (2 leagues) Changelog: Algeria - playable 1., 2. and 3. Algierian league - league rules made based on the official regulations - Algierian Cup added - stadiums, cities and club colours included Egypt - playable 1. and 2. Egyptian league - 2. league split into three groups based on geographical rules - Cairo derby between Al-Ahly and Zamalek added - stadiums, cities and club colours included - geographical coordinates and populations of cities updatedweather profiles imputed - Egyptian Cup and Supercup added Libya - playable 1. Libian league - stadiums, cities and club colours included - Libian Cup, Supercup and Libian League Cup added - history of competitions updated Morocco - playable 1. and 2. Moroccan leagues - league rules made based on the official regulations - Moroccan Cup added - stadiums, cities and club colours included Tunisia - playable 1. and 2. Tunisian League - league rules made based on the official regulations - Tunisian Cup added - stadiums, cities and club colours included What's more, thanks to this addition, you can take part in club competitions organized by North African Football Organization - North African Champions Cup, North African Cup Winners Cup and North African Supercup. Of course, club participate in CAF Champions League and CAF Confederation Cup. Problem only appears in the first season, because continental championship begin in January, and all added leagues kick off in July. Everything is fine in the next seasons. Tested to 2020 without Crash Dumps or any major bugs. Download CM Revolution African Leagues 2011 vol. 1 European Leagues
  2. CM Rev European Leagues

    Soon there will be more leagues, this time probably from Africa.
  3. CM Rev Shortlists 2011

    CM Rev Shortlists 2011 are two wish lists created from the official FM 2011 database. Both shortlists contain players with biggest talents in the game, selected by their PA (Potential Ability) - first includes players with PA -9 and -10 and the second one has players with PA -8. Download CM Rev Shortlists 2011
  4. CM Rev European Leagues

    CM Revolution European Leagues is an addition, which allows us to play in 42 leagues from 18 countries. Albania (2 leagues) Andorra (2) Armenia (2) Azerbaijan (3) Bosnia & Herzegovina (2) Cyprus (3) Montenegro (2) Estonia (2) Georgia (2) Kazakhstan (2) Lithuania 2 Luxembourg (2) Latvia (2) FYR Macedonia (2) Malta (4) Moldova (3) San Marino (1) Faroe Islands (3) After installing this addition, you can start the game in every European country (except Liechtenstein which doesn't have its own league)! Download CM Rev European Leagues
  5. CM Rev Patch Fix

    CM Rev Patch Fix is an addition fixing a bug with suspended French players that played in World Cup 2010 - they couldn't play in any competition despite the fact that the punishment should be in force only in national team. Downloaded files extract to the user folder - by default it is My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2011/editor data. CM Rev Patch Fix download
  6. http://www.football-manager.info/newsroom/news/FM-2011-officially-announced_.html Look, there's a huge announce with screenies!
  7. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/217186-Football-Manager.info-Update-v0.1-FM-2010 Can you add this update to the list?
  8. Football-Manager.info Vetr Fake Patch v.5.0

    Note from author - it's just his "imagination" or however you call it. The "core" of this file is fejk.lnc, this is the main part.
  9. Football-Manager.info Vetr Fake Patch v.5.0 BASIC INFO Patch includes 4 files: two .LNC and two .DDT - fejk.lnc (Fake - Real Competition Names Patch): The 'core' of the whole Fake Patch. The main thing it does is a major change in competition names (ex. English Premier League changed to Barclays Premier League). Every league found in the database has its real name. -clubs.lnc (Vetr's Club Name Changes): Second file is changing only club names (ex. Chelsea to Chelsea London). Of course some mistakes may exist but I did my best to make it as good as possible. I want to thank Kuchar for his help with some clubs ID numbers. ATTENTION! If my vision of club names does not suit you - just skip this file. - team_japan.ddt (author: djn99): A small file fixing players' positions in Japan national team. - team_poland.ddt Same thing but only for Polish national team. LEAGUES: -Fake (ALL from the FM database) -Clubs (Albania, Andorra, England (5 leagues), Armenia, Austria(2 leagues), Azerbaijan, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Chile (2 leagues), Croatia (2 leagues), Cyprus, Montenegro, Czech Rep.(2 leagues), Denmark, Estonia, Finland (3 leagues), France (2 leagues), Greece (2 leagues), Spain (2 leagues), Netherlands (2 leagues), Ireland, Northern Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Germany (3 leagues), Norway (2 leagues), Poland (all clubs), Portugal, Russia, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Scotland (4 leagues), Switzerland (2 leagues), Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Wales, Hungary, USA Download link - you can download it from our main server or alternative mirror!
  10. Football-Manager.info Update v0.1 [FM 2010] Changelist: Poland: - changes in all Ekstraklasa and 1. Polish League staffs up to 08.07.2010; - all transfers in Ekstraklasa and 1.Polish League - several new figures have been added - unfavourable points for Jagiellonia Białystok has been deleted World: - changes in all clubs staffs up to 08.07.2010; - all transfers in most of European leagues; - many new figures have been added; - updated tables and European Cups participants in leading European leagues; - updated promotions and relegations in leading European leagues and also in Brazil&Argentina; - updated list of national teams coaches Update created by Our Update Team: Seju, Lucasinho, Messinho, devil11, BartuS and qstosh. Patch 10.3 is necessary to start game with this update. Download link - you can choose from our main server or mirror! We know that our update isn't perfect enough, because we've had a lot of problems with it, but main European Leagues are actualised quite good. If you find some mistake, please post it, we'll fix it. We also look forward to hear your suggestions - maybe we should do transfers in other leagues, or someone else? We promise that the next version of this update will be the best!
  11. World Cup Warm-up fixtures file

  12. Updates

    Now try to start a game.
  13. Updates

    Do you have patch 10.3? If no, download it and install.
  14. help please

    You can use real-time editors such FMRTE to do this, however I don't know if there's an option to create new player. If there's not, you can edit one of existing players, and give him name, abilities etc.
  15. Kosovar League

    Yes, but I've tried to make it and it doesn't work - I don't know what is the reason of this.